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LISTEN: Greyson Chance's New Single "Hellboy"

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Greyson Chance's new EP Trophies drops June 25, as does his world tour kick-off. Stating, "it was a daunting task to write an album in a pandemic", however his latest single release on Astoria Records "Hellboy", proves he makes it look easier than it is.

Hellboy offers sexy, sultry, and dark vibes. The kind of track you would definitely hear at a club, surrounded by everyone dressed to the nines and dancing all over. Greyson stated that with "Hellboy", it was the first time with the record where he actually remembered how fun it could be to step into the studio, step onto stage, become a character. Greyson also stated that it was also when he began embracing the fun in music again and finding fun in life in general again.

In a Tik Tok, Greyson talks about how he went viral in 2010 when he was twelve years old performing Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi", in which Ellen discovered him and he then released Waiting Outside The Lines EP, Hold On Till The Night album and Truth Be Told Part One, all released on Geffen Records. Three years later in 2013, Greyson was dropped from his label, manager and agent. He talks about how he spent most of his adolescence trying to figure everything out and to become a better songwriter. If you liked his hits Waiting Outside The Lines and Unfriend You, he encourages you to give Hellboy a listen, because it shows Greyson is staying true to himself and if you haven't listened to him before, you definitely should. You can follow Greyson on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can purchase tickets to see Greyson here.

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