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LISTEN: Debut Single from Plush, "Hate"

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

An all-women rock band that we can already tell is amazing. With hearing the only track that Plush has released so far, we see and hear the strong bond of this band, the amazing vocals, the lyrics are deep and so relatable and relevant. We have been looking for an all-women hard rock band and this is who we found... And we couldn't be happier about it.

The way I was introduced to this incredible band is they came up on my explore page on Instagram the other day and I don't always check out every single band/artist that I see, but I did happen to check these ladies out and I'm so glad that I did. Definitely NOT making comparisons or anything, however, this song somewhat sounds like rock from when I was younger (which was 2000s rock). There's kind of a familar-ness to it which is what drew me in, but it also has new twists to it which I already love. I'm also really diggin' the purple aesthetic in the above photo.

Via the band's website, "Plush is an all-female rock band with a mission to bring rock back to the forefront of the music industry." Frontwomen Moriah Formica stated, "The mission of Plush is to bring the heart of rock back to the mainstream with a fresh new spin on the sounds you already love. Plush hopes to inspire young women everywhere to follow their dreams, regardless of whatever challenges may lie in the way."

Plush is made up of four members - Moriah Formica (who was on NBC's The Voice at age sixteen, one of the youngest competitors to have all four judges turn around during her audition), Brooke Colucci (who is the band's drummer and collabed with Moriah for a cover of Heart's Baracuuda that has reached over seven million views on YouTube, has been featured in Drum Magazine and earned a nod from John Lennon's Official Facebook page), Bella Perron (the band's lead guitarist who is a freshman at Berklee College Of Music), and Ashley Suppa (the bassist who has been hailed as the "female version of Cliff Burton", who has also been noticed by Ace Frehley of Kiss).

Plush also has a Hate bundle that includes a signed t-shirt, a guitar pick keychain with their logo and a physical copy of their cd for Hate for just $30 which you can purchase here.

I am incredibly excited for more music from Plush, see where these ladies go and wish them all the best. You can follow Plush on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.





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