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Songs To Fall For

You may be a "Summer forever" type of person, or maybe you prefer Spring. Or maybe you're into Winter. However, my favorite season is almost upon us. And while everyone thinks it's basic, annoying, etc. when people get excited for Fall at the end of Summer, I think it's the most beautiful season and there's a lot to celebrate. Along with seasons changing, of course there's songs to fall for. Here's our Top Ten from our Fall playlist (originally created by starshinesinhereyes)

#1 America - Simon & Garfunkel: If you're familiar with the movie Almost Famous, this song explains why William's older sister Anita leaves home to become a stuartist. This song is the number one song for Fall due to the soft-sounding vibes, strums and vocals. The Folk duo's harmonies take you on a musical journey and each song they have tells such a story that you can get lost in, especially this one.

#2 Anthem - Greta Van Fleet: To be truthful, every song from Greta Van Fleet's "Anthem Of The Peaceful Army" reminds me of Fall, since it was released in October 2018. When Anthem was released, it was one of the most peaceful tunes I've heard. Whenever I listen to this song, I drown out the rest of the world and remember we're all humans and we won't be here for long. So agree to disagree and the world is only what the world is made of.

#3 Annie's Song - John Denver: Somehow, this song makes it on my Fall playlist every year. Another great Folk song and the lyrics are incredibly beautiful. Denver speaks of nature and love, what more could I ask for? And the melody of the song is so comforting and joyful.

#4 Gool - Ultra Q: This one is the most different track from the others so far, but it always reminds me of Fall. I got to see Ultra Q (who's doing something on August 31) in October a couple of times in Berkley a couple of times back when the world was more simple. This song is one of my favorite songs of all-time and the lyrics "I'm so gool" are my first ever forever (tattoo). It's also titled "Gool" so it reminds me of Halloween which is in Fall.

#5 Because - The Beatles (LOVE Version): Also known as the acapella version, Because radiates positive vibes, romantic lyrics and all-around amazing harmonies. The tone of this song always reminds me of Fall for some reason and I thought it would be perfect for Fall time.

#6 If Not For You - George Harrison: Continuing with The Beatles, we have If Not For You... But whose song is it actually, Bob Dylan or George Harrison? Techincally, the song was written by Bob Dylan. However, my preferred version is Harrison, but why not have both? (See video above) Both versions of this song are amazing and since this song was introduced to me a couple of years ago, I find myself listening to it when I need to chill or when the weather changes.

#7 (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman - Carole King: Another song where multiple versions are timeless. I actually heard Aretha Franklin's version all my life until a few years ago, and although I love that version, there's something about Carole King's stripped-down version, and she's the writer of the song, that makes me feel a different way. It's of course another one of those songs that has a nice chill vibe to it for Fall days when I'm stuck inside sipping tea and it's raining outside.

#8 Wherever You Will Go - Charlene Soraia: Another amazing cover, this time the song's actually from this century. This version of 3 Doors Down's "Wherever You Will Go" is stripped-down and makes the song more authentic and true.

#9 Different Kinds Of Light - Jade Bird: Another amazing song that I've been recently introduced to, the title track from her upcoming album, Jade Bird offers the perfect combination of Folk and soft-sounding vocals with lyrics that are captivating.

#10 Age Of Man - Greta Van Fleet: You know I had to end this playlist with the opening track of Anthem Of The Peaceful Army (one of my top five albums). If any song ever reminds me of Fall, it's this one. Being around when this song came out is a memory frozen in time. Forever. In order to listen to the song before it was officially released along with the rest of the album, you HAD to be in a park to listen to it. It was based on your location on your phone and once your phone new you were in a park, in nature, you would be allowed to listen to it. This song is one of my favorite songs forever. It's a song that's gotten me through so many tough times and will continue to get me through tough times.

You can listen to our full Fall playlist (that were still adding it) here.

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