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Spring Essentials

Deep into April, we've created a playlist full of our essential songs for Spring leading into Summer. This playlist features newer songs, songs from the past, and guilty pleasures.

Light My Love - Greta Van Fleet: Of course this playlist had to start out with the all-time favorite, Greta Van Fleet. Light My Love is easily one of my favorite songs from the band's newest project, The Battle At Garden's Gate and possibly one of my overall favorite GVF songs. Light My Love, as stated is about the intricagies of passion. Sonically, it's the most beautiful song on the album and is already so close to my heart. The lyrics that draw me in the most are - "Can you light my love/Flames growing bright as the sun/Deeper than oceans you run/Watch as our world has begun".

As Long As We're Together - The Lemon Twigs: The Lemon Twigs are two brothers, Brian and Michael D'Addario from Long Island, produce music that is so simple, yet it's still powerful. As Long As We're Together, which is track number six from the duo's 2016 debut album, Do Hollywood offers something that was put together from them being influenced by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, etc. and to have that music in today's modern world is so important and I think we need more of it in music. Going against what is seen to be normal by society in today's world, is the most important thing. "As Long as we're together/I don't see what's wrong with that" is a very catchy chorus as well.

Baba O'Riley - The Who: From one of the greatest band's greatest songs, Baba O'Riley... How do you even explain this song? How can we even put into words how this song makes us feel? This song keeps randomly coming on in my daily mix and I just thought it had to be put on this playlist, especially because it's one of my favorite songs ever. The Who was a band that was like nobody else and what they did in music was astonishing. The repetitive keyboard when I first heard this song when I was twelve, it took me in to what was happening in the world at that time. The lyrics that always hook me - "Don't cry/Don't raise your eye/It's only teenage wasteland" and "The exodous is here/The happy ones are near/Let's get together before we get much older"

The Wire - Dirty Honey: Straight off of Dirty Honey's self-titled debut album which just dropped April 23, The Wire has a riff that makes you wanna keep movin'. The track sounds like pure Dirty Honey as the band has definitely established their sound fairly well by now.

Wonderwall - Oasis: Do I even need to say anything about this song? This song is one of the most guilty pleasure songs ever. It does make you feel a certain way though. I feel that when I listen to this song, I'm somewhere else. Like I'm not in my body. Maybe I imagine the music video when I listen to this. Whatever I feel, where I am, I find this song so soothing.

Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell: One of the most powerful songs about cowboys, rhinestone ones at that. I keep listening to this song because it's on one of my personal playlists and the more I hear it, the more I love singing along to it.

All Things Must Pass - George Harrison: This song was also featured on our Top 10 Motivational Songs For 2021 in which this was our top song because it reninds us of a new beginning, a brand new start, etc. for the new season. All Things Must Pass: 50th Anniversary Edition is set to drop at some point in 2021.

Learning To Fly - Tom Petty: One of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) songs by Tom Petty. There's so much realness as well as hope and positivity in this song, as a lot of Tom Petty songs have. Which is why I love listening to his music so much. I started listening to this song when I was around 22 and for the last three years, it's been one of the songs I turn to when I'm down. It definitely has that Spring/Summertime vibe for me and makes me feel at ease with life.

The Spirit Of Radio - Rush: Cliche, but my absolute favorite song by Rush. When I first listened to this song on my own (meaning not hearing it on the radio), I was taken to another world. It was like I was in a book or something. There's so much that goes on in this song, you have to listen to it multiple times on repeat to even understand it all. Which I enjoy doing often. Musically and lyrically, Rush is amazing. Here are the lyrics that hook me - "One likes to believe in the freedom of music/But glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity".

America - Simon & Garfunkel: I tried so hard to have a song from this century be the one to close this out, but of course that didn't happen. I'm too attached to music from the previous century apparently. Closing this one out with my favorite song from Simon & Garfunkel, America is featured in the 2000 movie, Almost Famous and Zooey Deschannel's character puts on her Simon & Garfunkel record (which her mother hated) and says, "This song explains why I'm leaving home". I've been listening to this song for the last few years and although other songs of theirs used to be my favorite, I think this one has snatched that title now. It's so calming and soothing, and as do a lot of their songs, tells a story.

We hope you enjoy our list as much as we do, or you discovered some new songs! You can listen to our full Spring playlist here

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