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The Girl Who Lived - And The Song That Saved Her

Stranger Things is back on Netflix and season four of the franchise premiere is officially the biggest debut on the platform ever. The series and cast have yet again taken over the world for the fourth time since its debut in 2016. Stranger Things reintroduced the 80s to a whole new generation with its fashion, aesthetic, nostalgia, hairstyles... And music.

Season one of Stranger Things brought us 80s classic hits such as "Africa" by ToTo and "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash. In season two, we were graced with "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker, Jr. and "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. Season three brought us "Material Girl" by Madonna and "Never Ending Story". But season four brought us something that broke the world even more... "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush is currently #1 on iTunes and it's like it's 1986 again.

Fans are absolutely in love with Season four, episode four titled "Dear Billy", especially the last five minutes. SPOILER WARNING AHEAD. Max (Sadie Sink) is struggling to find peace and closure with her brother Billy's (Dacre Montgomery) death in season three when he sacrificed himself to the mind flayer, in order to save Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). In the town of Hawkins (the town that's cursed) certain people have been possessed by the upside down's latest protagonist, Vecna. One thing they all have in common? Trauma. Vecna's been cursing everyone who has trauma or something tragic happen to them and killing them. When Max stops by Billy's grave to read him a letter, in fear of being killed by Vecna due to her trauma, she then finds herself in the upside down, surrounded by Vecna's home. When the crew of Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Steve (Joe Keery) realize what's happening, they automatically start brainstorming ways to save her. Dustin being the genius he is, thinks playing her favorite song can somehow save Max. When he asks Lucas what Max's favorite song is, Lucas hesitates as the three rush through her cassettes she had with her. The one they think will save her happens to be "Running Up That Hill" by Kate Bush.

When Dustin pops in the tape while Max is being strangled by Vecna's vines, Max sees a portal back to Hawkins with her friends. She hears her favorite song and is suddenly stronger than the demon torturing her. "You're not really here.", she says to Vecna. When Max breaks free, she runs through the remnants of the upside down, playing visions of memories in her head with all of her friends and Lucas (her ex-boyfriend), realizing how much she truly loves them and her life. When Max is finally free of Vecna, she drops to the ground as her friends are relieved she made it out alive. "I thought we lost you.", Lucas desperately tells her. Max reassures him she's still here and relieved she is.

Sadie Sink recently teased that we will get to see her character grow and really become a leader when put in difficult situations in episodes 8 and 9, aka volume 2. Stranger Things 4 Volume One is now streaming on Netflix and you can keep up with things all Stranger Things related below!


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