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The Warning: Favorite Songs

We've been kind of quiet about The Warning the last few months, since we've been so busy talking about artists, but that doesn't mean we've stopped listening to them. With the new album on the way, WEEKS away from the new single, and a Queen Of The Murder Scene Documentary trailer, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about my favorite songs from The Warning, and also revisit some. If you haven't checked out my review of Queen Of The Murder Scene, check it out here!

Dust To Dust - These songs on this list are in no particular order, I literally just started going down the list on Spotify. The energy put into this song is AMAZING. The main guitar riff. The drums. The bass. Pau's vocals. It's also the perfect way to start Queen Of The Murder Scene.

The One - One of their most energetic songs, I didn't even really have an opinion of this song back when I reviewed this album months ago. I now LOVE this song.

Stalker - This song completely hits different. And now that I understand the entire concept of this album, it makes a lot more sense. But the best thing about concept albums is you can either hear the songs in the story way, or in a normal way.

The Sacrifice - This one is my current FAVORITE of The Warning and has been the past few months. The energy in this song is fully there and it's one that makes me always want to scream the lyrics.

Dull Knives (Cut Better) - Ah, yes. The song that started it all. The first time I saw this video, I was in complete shock. It was my introduction to The Warning and I was just amazed. The performative-ness of all three girls was just insane, and they were doing it all from their house. The drum solo in the middle of the song gets me every time, I think it was a blessing to find this song first.

The End (Stars Always Fade) - This song has made me cry probably an embarrassing amount of times, but if music can't make you emotional like that every once in a while, is it even good? I personally LOVE when I get emotional about songs. I feel that this is one of many songs I consider to have a mental connection with for some reason. This and Black Holes really speak to me. And I think it's the perfect way to end the album.

XXI Century Blood - I think this is such a kick-ass song. And the music video is extremely important, as well as the lyrics.

Shattered Heart - This one really fits the theme of XXI Century Blood and is extremely catchy.

Black Holes (Don't Hold On) - This and The End are very similar to each other, yet they're different. Pau's vocals during both songs are so strong, she definitely poured her heart and soul into both tracks. I think this one might get me a little more between the album version and the live version, her voice matured and it's just so beautiful.

Narcasita - Pau's vocals once again absolutely dominate this song. The lyrics of this song are also telling a story which makes it that much more great. I think it's probably their most energetic song and definitely one of my favorites.

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All my top 5 songs by The Warning (so far) are in your list, so: A very good, very approvable list 😊

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