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Top Five Songs From: The Who

Who are YOU? I've finally been exploring more of The Who lately and I of course love what I'm hearing. The Who is one of the greatest rock bands to exist and a band who I have been hearing my whole life. I'm finally getting around to exploring them and their albums more, so here are my top five songs from them.

#1 Baba O'Riley - I talk about this song all the time on here and in my life in general. I can't ever get enough of this song and it's iconic keyboard, main guitar riff and lyrics. This has been my top favorite song by The Who and one of my favorite songs in the world since I was twelve and it still claims its position. And... It sounds even better live.

#2 Who Are You - All ten of these songs are most likely to be "the hits" or "cliche", but this is a song I've heard my whole life and once I started listening to it past the chorus, I found that I really like it. This song is about when guitarist Pete Towshend thought that The Who had sold out. He ran into Paul Cook and Steve Jones (drummer and guitarist for The Sex Pistols) and ended up getting so drunk at a bar, passing out in a random doorway in Soho, a cop found and recognized him and told him, "You can go sleep at home tonight (instead of in a jail cell) if you can stand up and walk there". Pete's response was, "Who the fuck are you?"

#3 Pinball Wizard - Straight off of Tommy, Pinball Wizard is definitely one of The Who's strongest songs.

#4 My Generation - How The Who introduced themselves to the world, this is one of their best songs lyrically. "Why don't you all just fade away", "I hope I die before I get old".

#5 The Kids Are Alright - The newest song I've discovered by the band (I know, I'm insane) I believe it's so different than kind of how The Who was around the time that Keith Moon passed, but it's still a wonderful song.

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