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WATCH: Max Bennett Kelly Releases 'JUNK MALE' Short Film

Seattle-born/LA-based artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Max Bennett Kelly has teamed up with Yellowjackets star Ella Purnell for a unique cinematic experience in Junk Male - a short film/music video hybrid that chronicles the story of boxer Hollywood Thompson and his inner struggle with fearing his own power, which also serves as Ella Purnell’s highly-anticipated directorial debut. The Junk Male EP plays in tracklist order throughout, the soundtrack via the characters' walk-up songs, music-video-esque montages, and playing out of headphones and diner jukeboxes. While not corresponding 1:1 to the EP's conceptual storyline, Junk Male the film recontextualizes the music into a new medium.

"Max is truly a formidable talent and to watch him effortlessly take on this new side of his artistic ability was such a joy to be able to witness,” said Purnell in an interview with Fault Magazine. “As a first-time director, getting the opportunity to make Junk Male with some of my best friends was an incredible, life changing experience. I’ve learned so much and gained new perspectives about filmmaking, along with countless memories made alongside a group of people I trust, respect and admire so much.”

Along with the short film comes a deluxe version of the EP, which includes a brand new track called “Waverunner,” available to stream now on all DSPs worldwide via AWAL.

Junk Male presents a world where the boxing industry is analogous to the music industry. The protagonist, Hollywood Thompson, is a boxer with a magically powerful left cross. After winning his first championship fight in a single punch, Hollywood becomes a pacifist, afraid of his own power. However, he’s forced to fight again, this time with devastating results. It’s humorous, violent and surreal. Among other things, the film explores the relationship between talent & duty, satirizes the fetishization of the struggling artist, and critiques the way the entertainment industry can exploit and twist the gifts of its entertainers.

Max Bennett Kelly strikes a sweet spot between sticky hooks, unpredictable soundscapes, and cleverly candid storytelling with head-turning lyrics. Amassing tens of millions of streams and earning instant acclaim from fans around the world, he unspools his story on his new Junk Male EP and its accompanying short film.


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