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WATCH: Ochoa Boyz Gift Fans "The Bells" Music Video

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Christmas Eve (Eve) is a special night in itself - baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, drinking egg nog, and spending time with loved ones before the real big day comes. In 2022, we did all of that and were gifted a huge surprise just before Santa came down our chimneys the next night. San Diego-based music group Ochoa Boyz debuted a brand new music video for their 2019 Christmas single, "The Bells."

The group is made up of brothers - Rick (30), Ryan (26), Bobby (23) and Raymond (21) who formed in 2012 with debut singles such as "Go Crazy" and "Dance With Me". In the earlier days, the boyz were getting gigs all around Los Angeles and California areas in general, even touring the state and surrounding states. In addition to making music, all four members are also actors who have been in notable films and TV shows. Not to shadow the others, but Ryan is the most recognizable as he's acted the most - Nickelodeon's iCarly, Disney XD's Pair Of Kings, The Perfect Game, Disney's A Christmas Carol, The Samuel Project - amongst tons of other film and tv show credits. The boyz released their debut album R-Type independently in January 2020 - while we missed Ricky's vocals, we know he was there in spirit and he co-produced the album!

Written and imagined by Ochoa Boyz, the music video for "The Bells" features all four boys (welcome back Ricky!) decking the halls and working as elves, as the story goes Santa is too sick to deliver presents. As all four boys jump into save Christmas, they grace us with "The Bells" - featuring funky beats, catchy lyrics and mesmerizing vocals from all four boyz. The boyz can always grasp you into their music that's filled with hip-hop beats, mixed with rap and r&b lyrics.

Ochoa Boyz have kept their fans motivated and engaged for over ten years and always welcome new fans in with open arms.


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Jack Dumfries
Jack Dumfries
2023년 7월 26일

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