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WATCH: Sucker Punch Debut New Video For "INCOGNITO MODE"

Sucker Punch posing for single artwork
Photo by Josh Held

Sucker Punch is a fresh and hard-hitting band with old ties to both New Jersey and Philly DIY punk scenes. Gathering influences from The Story So Far, early Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory, this band bridges the gap between early 2000s emocore wave of bands, and the current movement of emo and punk. Sucker Punch aims to take a strong focus on personal and self-reflective lyrical content, framed within upbeat upbeat and catchy riffs and melodies. Within months of starting as a solo project, the band now consists of lifelong friends who all share the same passion for both alternative music and culture. Their EP Better Pleasures takes the band's sound in a more dynamic and anthemic direction.

“Incognito Mode” is the next single off of Better Pleasures, and hits the sweet spot between heavy and catchy that’s critical to the band’s pop punk-emo sound. Introspective and energetic, the new single drives forward the EP’s themes of coping and self-improvement.

An anthemic chorus of “I’ve been here before / Always chasing the feeling / A little hit of dopamine / Is that too much to ask for me?” will be ringing in your head before the wildly fun breakdown kicks in with dueling vocals. A forceful call of “What a waste” accents the main vocals’ deliberate repetition, “It’s not so sad alone / I’m doing just fine on my own.”

Sucker Punch bravely faces furious foes as a dodgeball team in the track’s music video. Reminiscent of pop punk classics like “I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of,” the video shows the band pulling through a grueling tournament - in matching outfits, of course.

Guitarist Billy Butka gave insight into the music and film they sought to pay homage to: “We really miss the days of goofy and fun music videos. A Day to Remember were kings of that and it’s something we really wanted to take inspiration from. So why not combo that with a favorite movie of the band: ‘Dodgeball.’”


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