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Why "club heaven" By Nessa Barrett Is Capturing Hearts EVERYWHERE

Nessa Barrett's latest single "club heaven" released October 6th via Warner Records and has acquired over 2 million Spotify streams within its first week of release. Nessa shared via Twitter that the new single is her biggest release this year so far, as the track and music video are in tribute to her late friend, Cooper Norgeia. The single came just before Nessa officially kicked off her Fall headling Church Club For The Lonely tour.

What's capturing fans (and non-fans) hearts are the most vulnerable lyrics - "What if I can't get in/How will I see you again?". Countless videos on Tik Tok have featured "club heaven" for audio and remembering loved ones that have passed. In the bridge, Nessa sings about trying to bribe the bouncer for club heaven and the bouncer replies "not tonight" - an ode to her suicide attempts in the past. The video features a glowing figure of Cooper, a street sign reading "Cooper Ave", and the number 28 written in stars - symbolizing his birthday.

As Nessa has never been afraid to show her vulnerable side with emotions in all of her music, "club heaven" feels like her most emotionally raw track to date with captivating lyrics, vivacious melodies and compelling vocals. Nessa has stated that she loves producing and sharing music that not only she can relate to, but others can relate to as well.

From a personal reflection, I listened to "club heaven" the day it came out and I don't believe I've ever related to a song more or have been able to release my emotions in such a way through music. The song instantly reminded me of my grandpa who passed within recent weeks, but also of my best friend who passed in 2021. The music video represents how I've felt the past couple of years attempting to move on since my best friend passed, but I feel like I still see him and reminders of him everywhere I go.

As Nessa is currently on tour, she also released her new merch she originally talked about doing with Cooper - "WE HATE PAPARAZZI" - available to purchase HERE.


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