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Song & Fury was created in 2019 out of passion and love for music and writing. With a name inspired by a band of the past, we're always striving to bring new music to listeners (as well as classics) through playlists and articles. Whether we're covering the latest release from your favorite band or just catching up with some old ones, Song & Fury is always there for you.​

A note from our editor:

"The reason I created Song & Fury was not only to combine my two biggest passions but also to give people, including myself, a voice. Song & Fury is a positive environment, with no room for negativity. We tell people, "you've got a way with words", because they do. We all do. Dipping my toes into this world of the music industry is something never knew I'd actually want to commit to. I've gained countless opportunities I never knew existed and I'm always striving to do more." - Bethany Hildebrandt, Founder

Song & Fury offers blog writing articles such as single/album reviews, featured articles, concert reviews, playlist curating and more... But we are NOT a news outlet.​

If you have comments, inquiries, want to work with Bethany, or just say hi, please do so through the contact page. ☆The music is you

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