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Founder | Editor | Journalist | Curator

 Bethany is a music journalist with four years experience writing for and running her own music publication, Song & Fury - incorporating music curation, article writing for artists, graphic design, social media managing, content creation, email marketing, client pitching + more. She landed her first ever internship as a music journalist with an online music publication, Play Too Much where she learned to enhance and strengthen her writing skills. After spending four amazing months with Play Too Much, Bethany was craving more from the industry and took an interest in PR. While searching for what she thought would be the perfect PR internship for her, she came across MP Co. (formerly known as Muddy Paw PR). Bethany already developed a steady relationship with MP Co. being that the company constantly pitched artists to Song & Fury. The company decided to take a chance on a passionate woman striving for opportunities where Bethany learned to build media lists, influencer pitch, client pitch, social media growth + creation and more.

Destined to utilize her talents and passion, Bethany strives to amplify her voice about music in addition to amplifying the voices of artists. She has fully committed herself to the music industry by creating exposure for artists and being a part of artists' journeys.

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