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70s Week: Easy-Listening

EASY LISTENING - The 70s were packed with soft-rock, easy-listening, folky type of songs, especially love songs, for all of our souls to enjoy. The Carpenter's, John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, it's a nice break from the crazy rock-n-rollers. You can listen to these songs & more on our 70s Week Playlist .


#1 Let It Be - The Beatles (1970): The best closure you could have from this band, truthfully. I am so intrigued by the story behind this song as well. The story goes, is that Paul was having a rough time in The Beatles at the end and said that his mother, who died of cancer when he was 14, came to him in a dream and said "Let it be, let it be" and it inspired the song.

#2 Your Song - Elton John (1971): This is my absolute favorite song by Elton John, so it of course is on this list. And even though I lost the evidence, I have seen him perform this live.

#3 Rocky Mountain High - John Denver (1972): One of my favorite songs to listen to in nature. But then again, that's almost all John Denver writes about.

#4 Guitar Man - Bread (1972) : This is such a great song that I've discovered recently and it truthfully reminds me of going to concerts.

#5 Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell (1970): This song screams capitalism. "They took all the tress and put them in a tree museum, they charged people a dollar and a half just to see them."

#6 I Don't Want To Know - Fleetwood Mac (1977): This song isn't as popular as others from Rumors, but it's really fun to listen to.

#7 My My, Hey Hey - Neil Young (1979): Another song I've found in recent years. It's such a laid back, yet powerful song about Rock music.

#8 Dog & Butterfly - Heart (1978): This is such a special song and tells such a beautiful story.

Up next: We break down our favorite Pop/Disco/Etc songs of the 70s. Stay tuned!

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