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All My Loving: Our Favorite Beatles Love Songs

Love is in the air and honestly... Who writes better love songs than The Beatles? Well, they were some of the first to write amazing love songs anyway. The Beatles have written timeless after timeless after timeless track that lives on within us forever. But there's something about the love songs that make our hearts go WHOOSH even more. What makes Beatles love songs melt our hearts? Is it John and Paul's harmonies? George's songs? Romanticized lyrics and swaying melodies? We dive into ten of our favorite Beatles love songs below.

#1 Because - Specifically, the rendition on The Beatles album Love, the acapella harmonies are cosmic with alluring vocals. The chorus instantly captures you with its lyrics - "Love is old/Love is new/Love is all/Love is you."

#2 I Want To Hold Your Hand - Hitting number one on the UK charts two weeks after its initial UK release and staying there for five weeks, it hit America's Billboard Hot 100 in February 1964 and topped the list for seven weeks. The song remained on the list for fifteen weeks and became the best-selling single worldwide for The Beatles - selling more than 12 million copies worldwide. With dreamy lyrics and star-gazing vocals, this song can make every person - no matter what decade or century it is - faint.

#3 All My Loving - The first song performed on The Beatles first public television performance in 1964 on The Ed Sullivan Show, "All My Loving" was originally written as a poem, which Paul McCartney eventually turned into song lyrics. "All My Loving" features simple strums, consistent harmonies and passionate lyrics.

#4 Ticket To Ride - As we consider this track "one of the deep cuts" from The Beatles, it released a single in 1965 - becoming their fifth number-one in the UK, and third number-one in the US. While it may be on the more depressing side for The Beatles at the time, the song reflects maturity for the band and let everyone know their bubble gum pop days were over.

#5 She Loves You - With selling over 500,000 advanced copies in the UK alone, "She Loves You" remains as the top-selling single of the 60s by any artist in the country. With the rush of drums and compelling harmonies, "She Loves You" became The Beatles third #1 single.

#6 All You Need Is Love - Originally released as a single shortly after the release of Sgt. Peppers, "All You Need Is Love" became a symbolic anthem for the embrace of flower power philosophy. The song came during a time when the Vietnam War was taking place and although it seemed like a "political song", the message became one of the most important in pop culture history.

#7 Something - Written by George Harrison, "Something" comes from Abbey Road and two weeks after its release, the song became a double A-side single with "Come Together". With its smooth guitar riffs and calming vocals from George, he originally stated it was a love letter to his ex-wife Pattie Boyd. John Lennon even stated "Something" is the best song on Abbey Road.

#8 Love Me Do - The first official single released from The Beatles, "Love Me Do" released in the UK in October 1962 and peaked at number 17, while it was released in the US in 1964, where it became their first ever number-one hit. The Lennon-McCartney duet features prominent harmonica skills from John, while Paul chimes in for infamous harmonies.

#9 Don't Let Me Down - With its depressing lyrics and catchy chorus, "Don't Let Me Down" is named to be one of the most powerful love songs from The Beatles. The song peaked at #35 on US Billboard Hot 100 and remains as one the most underrated songs from the band.

#10 Eight Days A Week - Serving as The Beatles' seventh #1 single, the track opens with a fade-in (for the first time in a pop recording) and features a series of harmonies from Lennon and McCartney. The symbolic lyrics - "Eight days a week/Is not enough to show I care" - are instantly relatable.

Listen to our playlist - All My Loving: Beatles Love Songs - below!


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