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ANNIVERSARY: Green Day Announces 30 Years Of 'DOOKIE'

Green Day posing for album artwork
Photo by Ken Schles

Green Day's Dookie turns 30 next year, and to mark the anniversary, the band will put out the massive Dookie 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition on September 29, 2023. It features the original album, previously unreleased demos (4-Track Demos and Cassette Demos), an Outtakes disc (featuring “J.A.R.,” some tracks that ended up on Shenanigans, and a couple older songs that were presumably re-recorded during the Dookie sessions), Live At Woodstock (1994), and Live In Barcelona (June 5 ’94).

The reissue will be out digitally, as a 6LP box, and as a 4CD box. The vinyl box includes “a roll of Dookie dog poop bags, five-button set, air freshener, postcard, bumper sticker, kiss-cut large magnet sheet, paper airplane, a black-and-white ‘Coloring Page’ cover litho insert, and a poster of the alternate cover art,” while the CD box includes “two stickers, the five-button set, air freshener, and single soft vinyl magnet.” Both boxes include an intro written by Dookie producer Rob Cavallo and liner notes written by Bob Mehr (author of Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements).

Dookie (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) is set for release on September 29. Pre-order the album HERE.


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