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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Liily Shares New Self-Titled EP

Liily posing for EP artwork
Photo by Andie Jane

Last month, LA rock outfit, Liily, shared their first new music of 2024, single "More." Out now, the band has shared their self-titled EP, Liily, alongside the music video for track "Swallow."

It's been two and a half years since the release of Liily's debut LP TV or Not TV, and the band has spent the time making music with their friends. "We started the process with Ryan Potesta and then Carlos De La Garza on the song “Swallow,” going through a few iterations of that track. A month or two later we got into a session with our buddies Austin Corona and Wyatt Bernard for the song “Imitate” and it felt like we struck gold."

 "'Swallow' is a pretty simple rock tune, we wanted to keep it straight forward along with the rest of the EP, no bells and whistles! We saw it as our chance to be musical vs over-intellectualizing something that is meat and potatoes. It lyrically represents my distain towards trauma porn and the sheer disregard the people (throwing it into circulation) have for the individuals affected by the specific event, It’s presented through the lens of my teen self. I wanted to avoid any buzz words/phrases and just keep it light while still saying what I want to say. We recorded it in our old rehearsal space around 2022, enlisting Carlos De La Garza, Wyatt Bernard, Austin Corona, and Ryan Potesta to help us perfect the track." - Liily

The EP subsequently took shape into the group's most inspired work to date. It is Liily's first release without a label or management, and was almost entirely born out of drummer Maxx Morando's Airstream trailer in the San Fernando valley, where they made music with their friends. "We have to give a lot of the credit to our Tour Manager and our Agent for really encouraging us to release it, in general we’re just grateful to have a lot of people working on/for the project who truly believe in it. We’re doing things on our own and for ourselves now, receiving no more help from people that are not a part of our community."

Liily has spent the past few years garnering a dedicated cult following due to some of the most manic and exciting shows on the west coast. The band, consisting of Dylan Nash (vocals), Charlie Anastasis (bass), Sam De La Torre (guitar), and Maxx Morando (drums), are responsible for some of the most rousing music coming from LA right now. The band hailing from the city’s vast DIY music scene is looking to sustain that sense of agency over all of which they create, their community and sound is grounded in the punk of the San Fernando valley as well as the post punk/alternative scene happening from LA to New York. This was the catalyst to record the entire new Self Titled EP in Maxx’s airstream trailer in the valley, alongside producers and friends Austin Corona, Wyatt Brenard, and Carlos De La Garza. Since the bands inception they have put out an EP I Can Fool Anybody In This Town and their full length LP Tv or Not Tv both under indie label Flush Records. These releases, though vastly different in sound, have helped shaped the path for their Self Titled EP to exist. It’s by far the most well rounded project they’ve ever made and want it to speak for itself.


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