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Comfort Playlist

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

This playlist is full of songs that make me feel comfortable. Songs for when I’m stressed, anxious, sad or scared. A lot of these songs have helped me get through tough times and having anxiety. I’ve decided the choose only ten songs to list and talk about, the ones that mean the most and help the most. However, I of course will post the entire playlist which will have more songs on it.

Track List:

Always There – Greta Van Fleet

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

Black Limousine – Dinosaur Pile-Up

Here Comes A Regular – The Replacements

Who Knew – P!nk

Hypnotize – System Of A Down

Black Holes (Don’t Hold On) – The Warning

Just Like Heaven – The Cure

Intervention – Arcade Fire

That’s The Way Of The World – Earth, Wind & Fire

Always There – Greta Van Fleet: I know that I’ve already talked about this song. And this band. A LOT. I’m not sure what it is about this song. I’m obviously ranking it number one for my comfort songs. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s about a woman. “She’s a woman in a dream”. Even if the song isn’t personally about me, I feel that the lead singer is speaking of women in such high manner. And being a woman, that makes me feel comfortable. It makes me feel confident. It makes me beautiful.

Lyrics that hook me:

“You’ve been waiting for your lover, what you’ll discover is she’s always there”

“Won’t you tell her that you love her, and you’ll hug her most every day”

“She’s a woman in a dream one that makes you fall in love”

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis: Okay so not really sure why this song is on my comfort playlist, but it works. The lyrics, “Please don’t place your life in the hands of a rock n roll band, who’ll throw it all away” is just a little too true for me.

Lyrics that hook me:

“So I start a revolution from my bed”

“And so Sally can wait she knows it’s too late”

“But don’t look back in anger I hear you say”

“But please don’t place your life in the hands of a rock n roll band, who’ll throw it all away”

Black Limousine – Dinosaur Pile-Up: These guys are so great. I had the pleasure of seeing them in 2019 at a place called, “The Duck Room”, dedicated to Chuck Berry and his infamous move, “The Duckwalk”, where he played 209 shows. The venue is a capacity of 340 people and is located in the basement of a very famous place in St. Louis, Blueberry Hill. The band was practically spitting on me and the music was way louder than my eardrums could handle. The perfect kind of show. This is my favorite song by this band. It took me a few times listening to this song to really comprehend what it was about. I’ll let the lyrics do the explaining.

Lyrics that hook me:

“I don’t care if you’re unwanted, thrown away, broken, discarded”

“Fall with me into a dream, ride in my black limousine”

“In a box of all my favorite things I search for you, but you were never there”

Here Comes A Regular – The Replacements: This band is beyond amazing. Their music has really spoken to me and a lot of people don’t know them. Not that I’m a regular at a bar or anything, but this song is so great and always makes my head feel better for some reason.

Lyrics that hook me:

“Well a person can work up a mean mean thirst, after a hard day of doing nothing at all”

“And everybody wants to be special here, they call your name out loud and clear”

“Here comes a regular, call out your name, here comes a regular, am I the only one here?”

Who Knew – P!nk- One of my idols to this day. P!nk gives off such a “fuck you” kind of attitude and never let anyone tell her what to do. This is a song on the softer side for her, but I remember it came out when I was about ten and it was amazing. Still kicks ass. It means so much more to me now and I can relate to it more than I did when I was ten.

Lyrics that hook me:

“If someone said three years from now you’d be long gone, I’d stand up and punch them out, ‘cause they’re all wrong”

“I know better, ‘cause you said forever, and ever, who knew”

“I wish I could touch you again, I wish I could still call you a friend, I’d give anything”

“When someone said count your blessings now, for they’re long gone”

“The last kiss I cherish until we meet again, and time makes it harder”

“I wish I could remember, but I keep your memory, you visit me in my sleep”

“My darling, who knew”

Hypnotize – System Of A Down: I started listening to System in fall of last year. Funny story actually, on my sister’s birthday (which is Halloween), her, my mom and I were in the car listening to a rock station and since it was Halloween, they were playing all of the hard rock jams. They played “BYOB” by System and my sister SCREAMED the opening lyrics at the top of her lungs and we all started laughing so hard. Then we all proceeded to start shaking the car because of how much we were all head banging. However, this song by them is a little softer and slower than a lot of their songs.

Lyrics that hook me:

“They disguise it, Hypnotize it”

“Television made them buy it”

“I’m just sitting in my car and waiting for my”

“Mesmerized the simple minded, propaganda leaves us blinded”

“I’m just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl”

Black Holes (Don’t Hold On) – The Warning: I know… I repeat songs and myself a lot. While this song was featured on my Fall playlist just last week, believe it or not, I’ve grown to love this song even more. Especially with a young girl singing it. It’s just so relatable, even if I’ve never necessarily experienced what she’s talking about. Girls and women can just understand and relate to things, though they’ve never been through them. It’s just how our minds and thoughts work. We’re able to connect on emotional and spiritual levels with tons of situations. I feel like that’s how I can feel listening to this song. I was just listening to this song and tears filled my eyes because it’s just such a beautiful song on an amazing album. The other day, I decided to search on YouTube for a live version of this song and I did actually cry when I heard and watched it. It’s just an amazing song to experience really.

Lyrics that hook me:

“All alone in an alleyway, staring at my face in the reflections of broken bottles”

“Don’t hold on, don’t hold on, don’t hold on to me”

“’Cause I keep on coming begging for more and I’m slowly falling crashing below”

“And the love that used to shine so bright was shattered like a satellite”

“And the venom starts to swallow me whole like black holes”

Just Like Heaven – The Cure: This is such a great song for me. Not really sure how or when I got into this song, but I have been listening to The Cure since I was fourteen. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love The Cure more and more. Their lyrics are just relatable, ya know? This song’s got such a great beat and anytime I heard it on the radio, while I’m out, etc. I always get happy and have to sing along.

Lyrics that hook me:

“Show me how you do it and I’ll promise you, I’ll promise that I’ll run away with you”

“Dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow”

“Why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you”

“You, soft and only, you, lost and lonely”

“You’re just like a dream”

“You just like heaven”

Intervention – Arcade Fire: I believe I first listened to this song and band in Fall of 2018. I was looking for something different to listen to, for something I had never heard before. And I happened to stumble upon this band. I think someone I follow on instagram posted about this song so I decided to check it out. And since I loved this song so much, I then decided to listen to the entire album it was on.

Lyrics that hook me:

“You say it’s money that we need, as if we’re the only mouths to feed”

“Working for the church where your family dies, your little baby sister’s gonna lose her mind”

“Every spark of friendship will die without a home”

“Been working for the church where your life falls apart, they’re singing hallelujah when defeating your heart”

That’s The Way Of The World – Earth, Wind & Fire: Closing out this playlist with one from my sister’s favorites. A little back story of us and this group, Earth, Wind & Fire… Our uncle has been in tons of local tribute bands our entire lives. Nowadays, he’s more into doing gigs where he plays Alice In Chains, Korn, Rage Against The Machine, etc. But a few years ago, he was in a band called Groovethang. That was our introduction to live music. Running around at gigs while people slammed beer, ate good food and danced all night (or actually 10 o’clock, we were super young). Groovethang played songs from Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Doobie Brothers, etc. So our jams from this group have been playin’ in our minds more than half of our lives. “The earliest I remember listening to them was when I was three or four because my uncle was in a band that would do a tribute to them a few times a year.”, Mallory, my sister, explains. Hits such as September, Shining Star and Let’s Groove, That’s The Way Of The World is more of a softer song, ballad, if you will. But the energy of this band is of course still there. It’s the kind of song you could meditate to. A song that makes you really think about and reflect on life.

Lyrics that hook Mallory:

“You will find peace of mind, if you look way down in your heart and soul, don’t hesitate ‘cause the world seems cold, stay young at heart ‘cause you’re never old at heart”

As always, these are just a few songs I selected from my playlist and you can listen to the full playlist here

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