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How To Prepare For Your Greta Van Fleet Show

Greta Van Fleet at Starcatcher World Tour
Photo by Dusty Kessler

Greta Van Fleet's Starcatcher World Tour returns September 3. You're ready. You've waited all your life. You've counted down the days. It's finally here. You got this. But before you choose the road and get going on your Greta Van Fleet journey, we've got you covered on how to prepare for the experience you'll endeavor.

#1 Research Venue + Rules: We're experts when it comes to GVF shows (and concerts in general), but that doesn't mean we get overly confident with the whole sha-bang. Yes, you're going to see your favorite band you've waited months, possibly even years to see, so you're ready to let loose and go absolutely insane. But shocking news: You still gotta follow the rules. Each venue is unique and different with their set of rules - this includes but not limited to bag policy, prohibited items, where bathrooms are, food and drink options, etc.

#2 What To Bring: If you're planning on waiting in line for a few hours, you'll be needing some essentials with you. These items include portable charger, food, drinks, water, makeup, deodorant, perfume, money, ID, etc.

#3 Plan Transportation: If you're planning on driving to the venue, you may want to consider getting there at least an hour before doors open. This gives you more of a chance to get a good parking spot in the venue's parking lot or near the venue. If you're carpooling with friends, coordinate what times everyone will be picked up, or even better - get ready together in the bnb or hotel room! If you're planning on doing rideshare, make sure you give yourself enough time to order the ride, wait for your driver, and keep in mind - there may be traffic, especially if the show is downtown or in a big city.

#4 Plan Your Outfit: Sacred the thread, am I right? I've planned my outfit up to six months (yes, really) in advance of a GVF show - clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, nails, etc. - trust me, it's one less thing to worry about. I recommend at least thinking about what you're gonna wear a month or a few weeks advance so you can shop around for your look, especially if you're travelling for your show. Remember - the outfit + look are apart of the experience so don't stress!

#5 Pit/Concert Etiquette: BE CAREFUL and mindful whether you're in the pit or in seats. Taking a shot with Danny might be fun, or getting Josh's tambo is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it's not worth risking your life or others. You're all there for one reason - the love of the MUSIC! Remember, we're the Peaceful Army.

#6 Have Fun: Taking tons of photos + video and capturing special moments may be fun, but it's not everything. Not everything has to be for Instagram and Tik Tok. Believe it or not - there's more to the band and life than social media. Have fun and actually be present. Remember - you bought the ticket so take the ride!

Be sure to catch Greta Van Fleet on tour, check out our Starcatcher show review + check out our GVF Nashville photo gallery!


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