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INTERVIEW: Ally Popovich Art Creates Music-Inspired Pieces

Ally Popovich of Ally Poopovich Art creates art through emotions and expressions and has incorporated pieces featuring music, nature, emotion and more. We spoke with Ally on how she got her start and what advice she has for anyone striving to start an art business.

Song & Fury: Hi Ally! Thank you so much for interviewing with us today. How are you?

Ally: I am great, feeling honored to be here, thank you!

S&F: First, I just would like to say your art is truly amazing. I was scrolling through your gallery online and what I saw was breathtaking. How long have you been pursuing art?

Ally: Thank you, I appreciate that! I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, never knowing exactly where I was going to take it, the sky was always the limit! I have been professionally creating custom pieces and developing my body of work for the last seven years and selling prints and stickers of my pieces for the last three.

S&F: I think my favorite piece of yours I’ve seen so far is “Blue Sam.” Can you explain what inspired that painting?

Ally: That one is part of a series done with a surreal connection of portraits and nature. Greta Van Fleet is one of my favorite bands and has inspired some of my work. The piece “Blue Sam” was the fourth installment in my ‘Greta Nature Series’. It was inspired by the polarizing nature scenes I wanted to depict, one being a rainy forest, a mountain range at dawn, desert canyons, and of course the ocean. I chose such scenes to capture and match the emotion of these dynamic portraits of Josh, Jake, Sam, and Danny. The connection between humans and nature is one I tend to find myself being inspired by.

S&F: So you are a self-taught artist who captures emotion in your pieces. Can you tell us what inspires you to create a piece?

Ally: Expressions and moods are what catch my eye, and inspire a lot of my work. Another influence creatively is music. For me, the inspiration is very free-flowing and can come from a tune, song, lyrics, etc.

S&F: You also offer custom orders. What are people usually requesting through those?

Ally: I do! I offer a wide range of custom work. I do black and white pencil drawings, small watercolor pieces, large acrylic paintings, embroidery, etc. I have also illustrated medical handbooks and designed visual planning aides for businesses. My favorites to do are the large colorful paintings for the creative freedom they offer, and black and white drawings, as it's always an honor to capture images of others' loved ones.

S&F: So what is your process from starting a piece to completion?

Ally: My process usually begins with an idea, a lot of times stemming from a song, or a photo I see. I am then able to visualize how I want to compose my piece, usually sketching it on a post-it note or my sketchbook that goes everywhere with me. From there I draw/paint my piece with whatever medium I dreamed it up in. It could be digital, acrylic, pencil, watercolor, gouache, I like to keep the options open! The last step is always signing it. Then, those pieces get turned into prints or stickers. The original is typically available in a local gallery unless I get attached to it!

S&F: Your work is so unique and intriguing, your pieces seem like they could be in books and art galleries. What are your goals as an artist?

Ally: Thank you! This last year I was honored to begin my first residency in an art gallery here in Denver. My goals as an artist are to get my work into more galleries, illustrate books/another medical handbook (I really enjoyed doing one of those!), and to continue growing my business.

S&F: Your prices are fairly affordable as well. Was that something on your mind when you first began your business?

Ally: Definitely! I want my art to be accessible. My goal has always been for people to have my work hanging in their homes, or to give to others as a gift. The same goes for my custom orders as well, I have a varied commission catalog to allow for any price point.

S&F: When you paint black and white pieces versus colorful ones, are there different emotions you’re expressing?

Ally: With the difference of mediums, or black and white versus the colorful pieces, I think there definitely is! It might be more in a subconscious way, but the black and white pieces end up having a more contrasted, dramatic appearance. Whereas the colorful ones tend to have a lighter, uplifted look. There’s surely something to be said for the simplicity of expressing emotion with the element of color.

S&F: What advice do you have for someone who wants to become an artist but isn’t sure where to start or how to be inspired?

Ally: My advice would be to remember there is no wrong way to create and to trust YOUR flow. It is easy to feel like there is only one path to success or one way to be and do things. Success is not linear, nor does it mean the same for everyone. I’ve learned that especially when it comes to growing your business and your art, it is truly about taking every opportunity to keep going and encourage yourself to think freely. Set goals. You never know what could happen!

S&F: Is there anything else you’d like to share with your followers and our readers?

Ally: I have a lot in the works, including new mediums for me, inspirations, AND a new music-centric series that is going to be really cool. The first piece revealing the theme is coming very soon, so definitely keep an eye out!

S&F: Ally, thank you so much for interviewing with us today. We’re thrilled our paths have crossed with you, we’re supporting you, and we can’t wait to watch the future of your journey!

Ally: I say the same for you. Thank you very much!

Check out more of Ally's work, order customs + keep up with her below!


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