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INTERVIEW: Will Linley Talks Music, Goals + More!

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Will Linley grew up singing with his brothers and studied classical voice in high school. Through his honest lyrics and positive attitude, he connected with fans on Tik Tok, where he started sharing his music amidst the pandemic. His 2021 debut single “miss me (when you’re gone)” as gone #1 on radio in South Africa and recently achieved Gold status. Since then, Will has performed on the main stage at the Rocking The Daisies festival, toured around Europe with Matthew Mole, and opened up for One Republic on their South African tour dates.

We recently caught up with Will on all things music, what his goals are as an artist and a fun fact about his hometown. Check out our interview below.

Song & Fury: Hi Will, thank you so much for interviewing with us today. We’ve really been digging your music so we’re excited for this to happen.

Will Linley: Thank you so much for having me! It’s so awesome to chat with you guys!

S&F: So how has everything been going for you lately?

WL: Things have been good. It’s been a little crazy so far. A lot of writing, shows and just overall navigating this incredibly new space of doing music as my career! But it’s been so much fun and so life-giving. I’m feeling in my sweet spot. Sure there are days that are worse than others. But overall I’m in a great space and really enjoying life!

S&F: You grew up singing with your brothers, studied classical voice in high school, and you started connecting with fans on Tik Tok during the pandemic. Your 2021 debut single “miss me (when you’re gone)” went #1 on radio in South Africa and is officially gold. Can you walk us through what your musical journey has been like so far?

WL: It's really been a fun journey all in all. I’ve been so lucky to be given the freedom to create throughout my life and that has been such a gift. My parents really encouraged me and my brothers to do something creative and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I’ve loved every minute of doing music and I just hope I can continue to do it forever.

S&F: You released your debut EP ‘kill all my feelings’ in July 2022. Can you explain what that recording process was like?

WL: Itwas so different to anything else I’ve ever done because it was all based on Zoom. All the people I was working with were based in the USA, and I was based in South Africa. So there were a lot of late-night zoom sessions and remote working that went on. But it was so much fun, a little challenging, but really insightful and rewarding.

S&F: You also released your latest single “Last Call” in January, which captures feelings of falling in love and having a night out. What was the inspiration behind that track?

WL: Itreal was exactly that! I wanted to create something that felt euphoric, yet intricate and unique. I touched on some of my favorite “party songs” as references, like using a similar piano pattern to the one used in “Don’t stop believing” by Journey. I wanted this to be a song people would dance to wherever they were, in their bedrooms, kitchens, or even on a night out.

S&F: So how does it feel to have your music being heard and embraced worldwide?

WL: It's incredibly humbling and I’m just so grateful to be doing what I’m doing. I’ve very quickly realizing just how lucky I am. I just have to keep pinching myself. Things like this don’t happen to a lot of people where I’m from. It’s a blessing, and I am so incredibly grateful for this incredible opportunity.

S&F: What are some challenges you’ve faced thus far in your career?

WL: Being new to the space and trying to learn as much about the music industry as I possibly can. I’ve been forced to grow up very quickly and that’s been a bit of a challenge in this first year with so many things happening at once.

S&F: When you bring your songs to life at live shows, is there anything special you do to make the moments more magical?

WL: I work with an incredible guy by the name of Yusuke Sato and we arrange the songs in a slightly different way to make them sound special for the live show and that always helps the shows become more special. I love dancing and throwing myself around the stage. It’s a full-on physical act haha.

S&F: Are there any pre-show rituals you have?

WL: Not really! Just steam my voice and drink some rooibos tea

S&F: Is there anything special about where you’re from in Cape Town, South Africa, that you want more people to be aware of?

WL: The people of South Africa are the best people you’ll ever come across. I am yet to be proved wrong.

S&F: Who are your biggest inspirations?

WL: My mum and dad

S&F: What are your goals as an artist?

WL: To create experiences for my fans to connect with the music, each other, and with the world around them. I want my shows and my music to be a safe space where everyone feels welcome, loved, and supported. That is my mission.

S&F: What advice can you offer for anyone who’s an aspiring musician?


S&F: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us or your fans?

WL: Pineapple belongs on pizza

S&F: Thank you so much for interviewing with us, Will. We’re over the moon for your music and we can’t wait to support you throughout your musical journey. We wish you the best of luck with everything.

WL: Thank you so so much for having me!

Listen to Will Linley's music + keep up with him below!


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