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INTRODUCING: popsiclestickairport

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

popsiclestickairport is a five-piece darling pop/fairy core band from Arizona that can best be described as playing a fusion of indie pop, alternative, emo, new wave, femboy, and pretentious suburban rock. Formed in 2019, psa has already amassed a discography spanning several EPs and singles. Their latest release, EP for Fairies, dropped October 21, 2022 and includes three tracks produced by Matthew Keller (The Maine, Katastro, Anarbor) and two self-produced tracks. Serotonin-inducing tracks, "Best Friend" and "On Your Mind," will have you ready to roll your windows down, turn the radio up, and take a road trip with your bestie, while "Tokyo'' and "Here to Stay," are more intimate, reflective tunes about friendship and relationships.

PSA has played noteworthy venues like the Rebel Lounge, Valley Bar, Che Cafe and Larimer Lounge playing with notable artists, The Mysterines, Moontower, and Weathers. The band wrapped up 2022 with a few shows in Japan, including a stop at Tokyo Beyond Festival, and a live stream performance at #iVoted Festival. They were recently named an Official Artist for SXSW 2023 and will be performing at the Mesa Music Festival in April.

Their live set subverts all expectations as the soft-spoken, unassuming group transforms before a crowd to deliver a captivating, high-energy performance reminiscent of The 1975, Wallows, or Bleachers.

Check out popsiclestickairport's music + keep up with them below!


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