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LISTEN: Honey Revenge Debut Groovy Track "Worst Apology"

Updated: May 1, 2023

Honey Revenge is a rising force in the alternative-pop scene, known for their infectious hooks, dynamic live performances, and unapologetic lyrics. "Worst Apology" is the latest addition to their growing discography due out April 28th via Thriller Records and can also be found on their debut album, Retrovision out June 23rd.

Produced by Zach Jones (Scene Queen, Nova Twins) & Josh Strock (Ice Nine Kills, Machine Gun Kelly) "Worst Apology" is a testament to Honey Revenge's commitment to crafting honest and relatable music.

"Everyone has received a half assed apology. There’s always someone in your life that won’t change their ways and is surprised when their actions have consequences. “Worst Apology” is about standing up for yourself, seeing through that person’s projection of guilt and lack of accountability."

Listen to Honey Revenge's music, pre-order + pre-save Retrovision, check out tour dates + keep up with the duo below!


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