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LISTEN: Nessa Barrett's Got Intrusive Thoughts In "BANG BANG!"

Nessa Barrett by Colin Miller

Alternative-Pop artist Nessa Barrett returns with her attitude-filled new single "BANG BANG!" released via Warner Records and explores feelings of rage and intrusive thoughts. As its the singer's first release in 2023, she explodes with compelling lyrics, punk-filled beats and captivating vocals.

Nessa explains how "BANG! BANG!" was written about her borderline personality rage - "There’s times where I just get so mad that I think about the craziest things I want to do in that moment, I feel like everyone deep down has intrusive thoughts even though they don’t want to admit it.”

Fans are already blown away by the artists' latest track - explaining how the song is helping them, relating to the lyrics, being captivated by Nessa's music and feeling embraced as they know they're not alone with their struggles.

Nessa Barrett by Colin Miller

In addition to releasing her latest fire-blazing single, Nessa will also be touring in 2023 - kicking off on Feburary 22 and ending on March 25, along with playing two nights of Reading and Leeds in August.

Listen to Nessa Barrett, check out tour dates, keep up with her + more below!


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