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LIVE PREVIEW: Greta Van Fleet's 'Dreams In Gold' Returns To The US

They played throughout South America, they conquered all of Europe, they played a few festivals along the way and now… Greta Van Fleet’s “Dreams In Gold” tour is returning to America! What was originally supposed to take place at the beginning of the year on the first leg through the US, GVF had to reschedule this leg of the tour due to illness.

With that being said, fans have been patiently waiting and highly anticipating the DIG tour return and everyone is overjoyed to see them again on their first official tour since 2019. As the band always has an iconic song playing before they come out on stage, most recently, they have had “Reasons For Waiting” by Jethro Tull playing, and what a reason for waiting we all have had.

What does a Greta Van Fleet show look like?

Fans of all ages and walks of life gather as they are known as the peaceful army. Hence the lyrics from the band’s fifth #1 single “Heat Above,” “Marching across the land is a peaceful army joining the band/Walking hand in hand to an anthem loudy sung where they stand”. Imagine stardust and the most colorful lights you’ve ever seen shining on your favorite band. That’s what it’s like to see Greta Van Fleet.

What does a Greta Van Fleet show sound like?

Loud. VERY LOUD. The way they intend it to be. Lots of blues-rock sounds, wailing guitar solos, tons of ballads, powerhouse vocals, thundering drum solos, catchy bass solos, eclectic piano riffs, and sounds you’ve never heard before. Oh… And screaming fans. Duh.

What does a Greta Van Fleet show feel like?

You know how Beatles fans felt? That’s how it feels. An out-of-body experience. The most eccentric you will ever feel. You feel like you’re on a higher level while at a Greta Van Fleet show. As you allow the music to help you escape the regular world for a couple of hours and allow your mind to drift off, Greta Van Fleet grasps you into their world. You feel accepted. As if you’re with your own. Your voice is able to climb so high. You feel at peace.

Greta Van Fleet is a can’t miss anytime you get the chance to see them. Their first single (My Way, Soon) from 2021’s sophomore album The Battle At Garden’s Gate proves you should always take opportunities, risks and choosing the road. So be sure to pack your bags and get yourself to a GVF show!

Dreams In Gold picks back up in the US on July 23, get your tickets + tour merch below!

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