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NEW EP: Acid Walls Debuts 'GLASS PIECES'

Hartford, Connecticut-based hard-psychedelic rock band Acid Walls known for its charged, kaleidoscopic sound and hypnotic live performances, have released its highly anticipated debut EP Glass Pieces - out now on digital music platforms.

Comprising three electrifying tracks, the new EP is a poignant exploration of interpersonal relationships and is sure to leave listeners feeling seen and understood as the band dives into the relatable theme of self-discovery, as well as the complex emotions that come with searching for one’s place in the world. Immersive guitar riffs and shadowy melodies provide a stimulating backdrop for succinct yet thoughtful lyrics, announcing the arrival of Acid Walls on the national stage as a force to be reckoned with.

“These songs represent some of our truest expressions of who we are as a band. We hope everybody loves them as much as we do.” - Acid Walls

Glass Pieces features a bold remix of the quartet’s previous single “Jagged Brain,” texturally enhanced with the addition of a choral-style harmony, as well as its new single “Glass Piece Pt. 2,” an intense examination into what it means to belong and the importance of forming authentic relationships.

“‘Glass Piece Pt. 2’ materializes the feeling of how you can be in the presence of someone you love and yet still feel alone, like the world is a million miles away,” Elliott Moreau, Acid Walls’ frontman and lead guitarist, notes. “The song questions why one can feel this way and offers a sort of introspective look as to what a person must give to find a connection.”

Channeling influences from legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and The Who, Acid Walls is formed by Elliott Moreau (lead guitar, vocals), Dom Russo (rhythm guitar, vocals), Bailey Packard (bass guitar), and Eli Pidgeon (drums). The group has begun to establish itself as a dynamic presence in the Connecticut indie music scene and has attracted attention for its story-driven social media promo clips that never fail to entertain fans.


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