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PRESS PLAY: 5 Rock Bands You Need To Hear

We recently hit the jackpot while looking for new rock music to fill our rock n roll hearts with and discovered five new bands we're obsessed with! We've taken ourselves on a journey through newer rock bands with unique sounds, 80s twists, wailing guitar riffs, thundering drums and soul-crushing lyrics. Here are five bands we've recently fell in love with we think should be on your radar.

#1 TEMPT - In the few years since their formation, TEMPT have created a style, verve, vibe and quality that is of their making. The band recently debuted their new self-titled album in August 2023 featuring hits such as "Golden Tongue", "Burn Me Down", "Hideaway" and "Living Dangerously (feat. DOROTHY)". The band consists of lead vocalist Zach Allen, lead guitarist Harrison Marcello, bassist Chris Gooden and drummer Nicholas Burrows. Through fuzzy guitars, perfect drumbeats and alluring vocals, TEMPT are sure to fill your soul with the rock n roll you need.

#2 Lost Hearts - Lost Hearts hails from Nashville and formed when four lead guitar players got together to write songs that would lighten up their rock and roll roots. They flipped a coin to see who would sing, play drums, and bass. Consisting of Max Frye, JT Shea, Victor Adriel and Mitch Arnholt, the band's songs have been described as a punk attitude mixed with a pop rock chorus. In 2023, they released singles - "Hate Yourself", "Night To Remember", "Maybe I'd Want You" and "Adam & Eve", along with a series of music videos. Lost Hearts strives to be one of the next biggest forces in rock. 

#3 Classless Act - Formed in 2018 and consisting of five former strangers who met via social media, Classless Act - Derek Day (vocals), Dane Pieper (guitar), Griffin Tucker (guitar), Franco Gravante (bass) and Chuck McKissock (drums) - quickly formed a brotherhood bond through a series of double-taps, DMs and comments. The band unveiled their debut album Welcome To The Show - featuring hits like "Give It To Me", "Time To Bleed", "Circles" and "Classless Act (feat. Vince Neil)". Having been invited to join the line-up, 2022's The Stadium Tour headlined by Motley Crue and Def Leppard, Classless Act is well on its way to being a next-generation defining act.

#4 Station - Co-founded by guitarist Chris Lane and vocalist Patrick Kearney, STATION are based in New York City, but have toured the country, having played Rocklahoma three times, as well as the M3 Festival, Musikfest and hundreds of shows to the Mississippi and beyond. The band, which also includes Emi Asta and Tony Baptist, have shared the stage with the likes of Y&T, Pat Benatar, Lynch Mob, and Dio's Disciples. We're currently digging with tracks from their latest album And Time Goes On - "If You Want Me Too", "A Little Bit Of Love", "Close My Eyes" and "Locked Away".

#5 The Steel Crows - The Steel Crows are a young and captivating rock band out of Orlando, Florida whose music calls back to the classic rock sound that dominated the 1970’s and 1980’s. Their music is a powerful blend of classic sounds infused with a modern touch, ranging from energetic and upbeat songs such as “Jenny”, to sinister and powerful songs such as “The Place Where No One Can Hear You Scream”. Often compared to bands such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Guns N’ Roses, The Steel Crows invoke a sense of excitement and energy with their music that has amassed them a loyal fanbase combining to over 16,000 followers across all platforms.

We also curated a playlist titled "rock of ages" that will feature the bands mentioned above, new rock and some old favorites :) Be sure to check out the playlist and keep up with the bands below!






t about starting a revolution. Nor are they about taking the past and reimagining it. No, what Tempt are doing is far more exciting and dynamic than such glib phrases would suggest. Welcome to the future of rock. A bold statement? Of course it is. But it also happens to be... TRUE!


In the few years since their formation, Tempt have created a style, verve, vibe and quality that is of their own making.


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