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PRESS PLAY: Nat & Alex Wolff's Songs Ranked (Includes NBB Songs)

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

When I was ten, there was a brand new movie debuting on Nickelodeon titled The Naked Brothers Band - nobody was a fan of the name, but nearly everyone in my generation remembers who they are. I'll say it loud and proud - Nat Wolff was my first crush, although a few small ones may have come before him, the crush on him was serious and lasted for years. He introduced me to The Beatles, educated me on instruments and it's always fun to watch him and his Hollywood star brother Alex Wolff act. Although NBB was just a fake band for the movie and television series that debuted in 2007, I can honestly say that "band" was my first musical love.

The television series The Naked Brothers Band ran on Nickelodeon from 2007 - 2009, following a rock band of kids who lived in New York and explored friendships, crushes, relationships and teenage years. At the time, nothing had really come out that was a show like NBB - the show was showing that kids were capable of being creative and producing music even it was just for a TV show.

After NBB ended, the cast went their separate ways, but Nat and Alex continued to act and produce music. Notable roles for Nat Wolff include Paper Towns, The Fault In Our Stars, Stella's Last Weekend, Behaving Badly and more. Notable roles for Alex Wolff include Hereditary, Jumanji movies, My Friend Dahmer, The House Of Tomorrow and more. Since 2011, Nat and Alex have released countless singles, two albums and one EP. We rank our favorite songs from them - including NBB tracks because let's face it - the guys have always been talented.

#1 Greatest Prize - I'm just kicking it off my number one song from Nat & Alex - "Greatest Prize." This beautiful track is from the duo's first album Black Sheep released in 2011 and presents exhilarating piano sounds, soft yet illuminating vocals and melodic harmonies during the chorus. The lyricism in "Greatest Prize" captures the essence of romanticized feelings and comforting phrases.

#2 Maybe - Also showcasing from Black Sheep, "Maybe" features maturity through its sentimental lyrics and calming acoustics. The romanticized lyrics - "You are so beautiful, I can't control myself" will leave you feeling weak in the knees.

#3 Catch Up With The End (NBB) - This is one of the most mature, honest and emotional songs I've ever heard... And it was written by a child. The lyrics in this so insanely mature it's so hard to wrap your head around the fact that this song was written by someone who was not even a teenager when he wrote it. Even my mom was super impressed by the lyricism in this song.

#4 If That's Not Love (NBB) - Ahhhh the theme song of the show is probably my favorite NBB song because of its motivation and upbeat tempos. "If That's Not Love" produces encouraging lyrics of "We've got the music in our hearts" and infectious harmonies.

#5 Glue - More of an indie-acoustic track, Alex's deep vocals grasp you into the track along with catchy rhythms. As this track was released in 2020, Nat and Alex were influenced by Fleetwood Mac, The Replacements and The National for this track and admitted the song ended up taking on its own form.

#6 18 - "18" remains as the track that's "fuck-you-i-won't-do-what-you-tell-me" type of attitude and presents angst and anger. With a catchy chorus that features melodious harmonies, you'll find yourself suddenly back in your teen years.

#7 Head's On Loose - "Head's On Loose" is the newest song released by the brothers and we're still processing how amazing it is. With delicate vocals and captivating melodies, "Head's On Loose" will have you instantly gravitating towards the track with its enthralling harmonies.

#8 All Over You - "All Over You" presents itself as a funk track with high-pitched vocals and funky beats. As this was the first single released off their forth-coming album Table For Two, Alex stated the duo booked a short time in the studio and wanted to make a record how bands did in the 70s.

#9 Note - The low-fi sound of six-minute track "Note" enhances emotionally raw lyrics and deep piano sounds. As the song progresses, it becomes a track filled with instruments and passionate vibes.

#10 I'm Out - Oh you thought we were done mentioning NBB songs? Absolutely not - and how fitting is our last track on this list "I'm Out." Ironically, this was a lot of my friends favorite song and it's a gift because Nat shrieks and bobs his head just like Paul McCartney throughout it.

Nat and Alex have acquired themselves as critically acclaimed songwriters for nearly two decades. We're so excited for Nat and Alex to release their upcoming album Table For Two, but have no release date as of now. We're hoping they tell us soon! You can stream their music + keep up with their socials below!


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