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Review Of Pup's "The Dream Is Over" (track by track):

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

PUP. (Left to right) Nestor Chumak, Zack Mykula, Steve Sladowski, Stefan Babcock

Jumping right into it, Pup is one of those bands your parents definitely tell you to turn it down. From personal experience, one morning my mother was driving my sister to work roughly 6:30 am and was hearing this very first song and had to turn it off because of “the screaming.” That’s perfect because it definitely describes the first song on this album.

“If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I will” sounds like life on the road, right? Starting off with a slow place and front man Stefan Bubcock singing softly, the track is seeming like it will be a softer song. But after the first verse, they go completely insane into that fast-paced garage rock sound that the Canadian band has created. (Fair warning: this song and album have a ton of great lyrics)

Lyrics that hooked me:

“You think you’re so original, why can’t we just get along? Can’t wait for your funeral, why can’t we just get along? Don’t wish you were dead wish you never been born at all, why can’t everyone just chill? Trying not to let you get in my head but every line, every goddamn syllable, that you say, makes me wanna gouge my eyes out with a power drill”, “If this tour doesn’t kill you, then I will”.

“DVP” not sure what it stands for, but it goes right into this song from the previous track. Very fast paced, jumping around garage sounding song.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Your sister thinks that I’m a freak”

“Three beers and I’m so messed up, get drunk and I can’t shut up”

“She says I need to grow up”

“She says that I drink too much, Hawaiian red fruit punch, she says that I need to grow up”.

“Doubts” is somewhat a slower track, but not really. The guitar riff in the song (and all songs) is so great and I can hear it in my head as I type this.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I’ll never get you out of my mind, it keeps me awake and it keeps me alive”

“Now that I’ve got nothing, you’re having your doubts, pack all of your bags and move them all out”.

“Sleep in the Heat” is definitely my favorite song on this album and possibly my favorite PUP song. The track has such a great guitar riff and the chorus is so catchy. Another jam that you can jam to in your bedroom, car, garage, prison cell, whichever you prefer. I believe this is also the first song I’d ever heard by PUP. And man, am I glad it got me hooked.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I was feeling a little bizarre, the day that I buried my family car”

“And I’ve said so many goodbyes in the twenty-five years that I’ve been alive”

“And every time I go back to my apartment, all I wanna do is get stoned”

“Last week when I went back to my apartment you were looking so stoned, the day after Christmas you acted so different you just wanted to be on your own, so I bought you medicine went to the vet and cashed all my savings and loans, but it was too late you were letting go”

“And nothing I say will make it okay, you just sleep in the heat and repeat, you’re wasted away”

“I want you to know I’d spend all my bit of pitiful savings and loans just to see you again, but I know I won’t.”

“The Coast” is a track I could visualize myself listening to while in the woods. It has a forest vibe to it and just sounds like a song you should listen to while you’re in the woods.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Now you know what’s eating me, taking hold it was dragging me down in the valley it was dragging me down”

“Old Wounds” is where everyone is just plain and simply pissed off… There is not much to say about this one.

No lyrics hooked me from this song.

“My Life Is Over and I Couldn’t Be Happier”. The title explains itself.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“I don’t even know why you’re so pissed. You said I’m such a piece of shit”

“If I came home right now what would I find out”

“Can’t Win” is a song about growing up.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“And it seems like I can’t win. I’m growing up and I’m giving in.”

“Chalk it up to apathy”

“Familiar Patterns” is more of a song that is relatable. I actually used to tease my sister about the lyrics of this song.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Yeah I spent a lot of time down in the basement instead of rolling with the rif - raf ‘cause I know better. I know better than that”

The ending of this album is with a song called “Pine Point.” This track is specifically a great song to drive to. Driving down a road in the middle of nowhere is the perfect time to listen to this song.

Lyrics that hooked me:

“Oh, in Pine Point, ’86, my oldest brother died when we were kids”

“Up in Pine Point where I kept my eye on the prize and it was you, it was you”

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