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SHOW PREVIEW: Ginkgo Balboa's Live Show In Los Angeles

Bringing together Mike Bednarsky and Ben Masbaum, Ginkgo Balboa has made an undeniable impact on the LA music scene with its mesmerizing, genre-bending sound that embodies a laidback lifestyle built on good vibes and sunshine. With the start of the Balloon Duty era, the duo will further solidify its position as an unstoppable force, pushing the musical envelope to bring fans irresistible new music that they aren't soon to forget.

The duo kicked off 2023 with two immersive singles - “Beach with My Lover” and “Good Night in the Middle of the Day.” “Tie Me Down" - the band's first new single off forthcoming EP Balloon Duty - is also the EP’s triumphant opening track, built by an unshakeable hook and confident guitar strides. The EP, which promises to keep listeners on their chlorine-scented toes with the help of featured artists, is very much a sequel to 2020’s Ginkgo Balboa, offering the same poolside decorum the duo has become known for providing. It’s a relaxed yet earnest revolver of synth-soaked tunes. The next single "Palm Trees" will debut June 16 and Balloon Duty will be available via all streaming platforms on Friday, July 28, 2023.

To commence celebrations and offer a homecoming show, Ginkgo Balboa will be playing a show at Universal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood, California on June 9th. This show is 21+ only. Doors open at 7. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased HERE.


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