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Six Essential Fall Albums: Greta Van Fleet, Green Day, The Beatles + more

We are smack dab in the middle of Fall and where we are based in St. Louis, the city has finally allowed the cooler weather to commence. We've been engaging in our favorite spooky movies, fall and spooky songs and listening to our essential albums for Fall... But which albums have captured our hearts during this time of year where we thrive most? We'll reveal our six favorite albums we can't live without in Fall, in no specific order.

#1 Anthem Of The Peaceful Army - Greta Van Fleet: This one should come as no shock if you've been keeping up with us for a while. As the debut album from Greta Van Fleet will celebrate five years later in October, we're always reveling in these phantasmagorical tracks as we breathe deep and allow ourselves to feel at ease. Our favorite tracks include "Age Of Man," "You're The One", "Brave New World" and "Anthem".

#2 American Idiot - Green Day: As this album will celebrate 20 YEARS in 2024 (holy shit), Green Day shocked the world as they revealed an album with a title track criticizing the American government and the big man in office. But aside from political bashing, the entire album tells the story of St. Jimmy/Jesus Of Suburbia who resides as an underclass resident of the world in the rock opera. Our favorite tracks include "Jesus Of Suburbia," "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams", "Letterbomb" and "Homecoming."

#3 Queen Of The Murder Scene - The Warning: It's hard to believe this album is five years old and we've been listening to The Warning for three years! We reviewed Queen Of The Murder Scene three years ago and have been in love with the band ever since. As the album exclaims the journey of a queen destined to fall in love, but struggling with her own emotions and flaws throughout its entirety. Our favorite tracks include "Stalker", "The Sacrifice", "Dull Knives (Cut Better)" and "The End (Stars Always Seem To Fade)".

#4 Rumors - Fleetwood Mac: Although this album is extremely mainstream and is often found annoying by some people, Rumors is the collection of music for every mood and every season. As Fleetwood Mac was breaking up and consistently fighting with each other during the recording of this infamous album, it's known as one of the greatest albums ever in history. Our favorite tracks include "Second Hand News", "Never Going Back Again", "The Chain" and "Gold Dust Woman."

#5 Let It Be - The Beatles: What was the last album to be released by The Beatles in 1970 became one of the best-written albums of all time. As it currently stands as Certified RIAA 4x Platinum in the US, is home to fan-favorite songs that include our favorites such as "Two Of Us", "Dig A Pony," "Let It Be", "I've Got A Feeling", and "The Long And Winding Road".

#6 The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance: MCR's 2006 cult-classic album explores the journey of a dying cancer patient and features tracks surrounding his death, afterlife experiences and reflections on his life. The album soared through the UK and US Rock charts - peaking at #1 in both countries as the collection of songs captured hearts all over the world. Our favorite tracks include "The End/Dead!", "Welcome To The Black Parade", "I Don't Love You" and "Famous Last Words".


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