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Top Five From The Battle At Garden's Gate

It’s here. The Battle At Garden’s Gate has been released into the world. And since we already did our review for the album, we’ll be breaking down the top five recently released songs that we love most.

#4 Light My Love – Even though I think this is the best song on the album simply because it’s the sweet love song that sings to my heart, here it is at number four. The ballad on the album. Josh singing so calm and sweet. Even though Josh claims that he “isn’t turned on by the cliche ‘love you baby, I want to be yours’ kind of thing”, but I don’t really see that being true considering how well this and other GVF love songs are written. The first verse goes – Can you light my love/Flames glowing bright as the sun/Deeper than oceans you run/Watch as our world has begun

Photo: Alysse Gafkjen, Rolling Stone

#3 Trip The Light Fantastic – If the next two songs did not exist, this would for sure be number one. This is such a jam and fans will be talking about it forever. It’s got such great keyboard and guitar riffs, it’s so easy to move and dance to, the title definitely makes since for the music, maybe not the lyrics… To comet across the blistering hue/Beyond the spaces of false and true/Away from a world we have riddled with scars/To be wholly free and amongst the stars

#2 Tears Of Rain – I’m not sure if anyone will ever understand why I love this song so much, I don’t even really understand it, but it’s just beautiful. And towards the end when Josh starts pushing his voice to go higher, I almost can’t even handle it. This is one of the more theatrical songs and I think Josh’s vocals are what draws me to this song so much. Especially when he sings – Who will bring the rain – I honestly almost cry every time.

#1 Weight Of Dreams – This is hands down the greatest song on this album. There’s so much going on in this song, your mind will never be able to keep up, but that’s probably the best part about it. It’s such a serious track, yet the music is so chaotic - in the best way possible. The lyrics really complete this album perfectly. Gold mines melting men in the sunshine/Spoiled wine tastes so sweet we have gone blind.

The Battle At Garden's Gate is now available on all streaming platforms and you can purchase your copy here . Follow Greta Van Fleet on Instagram Twitter & Facebook

What's your favorite song from The Battle At Garden's Gate? Let us know below!

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