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UNLOCKING THE SOUND: Hazel Gaze Returns With "Until I See You Again"

Hazel Gaze, the dynamic indie rock band known for their evocative melodies and poignant lyricism, has released their highly anticipated third single, "Until I See You Again." Accompanied by a music video, this latest offering marks another milestone in the band's journey as they pave the way for their upcoming album later this year.

The new single is a powerful exploration of grief, delivering raw, emotional vocals that traverse a wide range, reflecting the complexities of loss. The song begins with a hauntingly lonely guitar, gradually building into a full-band crescendo that mirrors the tumultuous journey associated with mourning. With vocal performances that resonate like a heartfelt cry, Hazel Gaze manages to encapsulate both the pain of separation and a profound celebration of life amidst sorrow.

"Until I See You Again was written about someone very dear who tragically passes away far too young. It’s something I’m sure many can relate to. These types of events always give pause as well as perspective about appreciating people and taking full advantage of the time we’re here together." - Russ Toper, Hazel Gaze

The accompanying music video offers glimpses into the band's intimate studio sessions intercut with compelling visuals that narrative a story of grief.

The new single was written, produced, and engineered by Russ Soper at his Brooklyn studio, with drum recording by Daniel Alba of Studo G, mixing by Daniel Alba of Megafonic and mastering by Oscar Zambrano of Zampol Productions. The track features lead vocals by Hanz, guitars, keys, and percussion by Russ Soper, bass by Konrad Payne, drums by David Cornejo, piano by Chris Walters, and backing vocals by Abby Ahmad, Mindy Darwish, and Rebecca Rubin. Production consulting by Daniel Alba. Music video by Patty Sway.

With each release, Hazel Gaze continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of sincerity and musical prowess, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the indie rock scene.


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