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WATCH: Charlotte Sands Shares New "get over it" Video

On the heels of her arena tour supporting 5 Seconds of Summer, prolific breakout star Charlotte Sands has released her new music video for single “get over it,” available to watch now on YouTube. The music video feels like being transported to your childhood bedroom to sing Avril Lavigne or Alanis Morrisette into a hairbrush. It comes ahead of Charlotte’s long-awaited debut album, can we start over?, releasing on January 24th, 2024.

"When we were writing “get over it” I always said that it belonged in a 90’s rom com where the main character was getting ready for school or at a sleepover screaming the words and jumping on the bed. I wanted the video to have the same energy, feeling fun and melodramatic but also simple enough that the viewer can create their own story or visual around it depending on how they connect to the song. I wanted the video to be shot as a one take because I wanted it to feel like a moment in time, like we’re both experiencing this song and this feeling together no matter where we may be in the world." - Charlotte Sands

The album came to life in a whirlwind of collaboration and creativity. “A few months ago I had no intention of releasing a full-length project. I flew to LA in May and had three sessions with songwriter/producers Jutes, Alex Nice, and Keith Ten4. Every night that I left the studio I remember thinking to myself ‘That's my favorite song I’ve ever written’ – and then the next day we would write a song I loved even more. At the end of the three days, I had three records that felt like the best music I’d ever been a part of. Each song was so different yet so representative of who I am now, I knew they would someday be released into the world but I was certain they had to be released together.” Those three songs now lead the charge for the album, releasing as the first three singles in the exact order they were written.

As she stands on the precipice of her debut album's release, Charlotte is filled with anticipation. “I hope this album conveys strength, confidence, and power within vulnerability,” she says. “It feels like holding a mirror to myself and reflects exactly how I feel right now in this phase of my life. I feel more secure in who I am as a person and as an artist than I’ve ever been.”


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