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ALBUM REVIEW: Inhaler's Romance-Filled 'CUTS & BRUISES'

Formed in Dublin as a group of four friends - vocalist/guitarist Elijah Hewson, bassist Robert Keating, guitarist Josh Jenkinson and drummer Ryan McMahon, Inhaler have since found their footing in rock and taken it across the world.

Their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This debuted at no.1 in both the UK & Irish Official Charts. Released in July 2021, It Won’t Always Be Like This became the fastest-selling debut album on vinyl by any band this century and saw Inhaler become the first Irish group to top the album charts with a debut in thirteen years.

Cuts & Bruises continues Inhaler’s ascent to rockstar status with the latest single “If You’re Gonna Break My Heart” (released 2/1) stemming from listening to rock icons like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen while touring the US last year. They explain, “listening to these artists while traveling on big open highways resonated with us and helped shape this song into making us sound more like a live band than we had before.” “If You’re Gonna Break My Heart” follows the releases of “Love Will Get You There” and “These Are The Days.”

Cuts & Bruises kicks off with new wave sounding track "Just To Keep You Satisfied" drawing inspiration from 80s new wave artists such as The Cure and The Smiths - showcasing high-pitched synths, calming acoustics and alluring vocals. As you're graced with the romanticized lyrics in the track such as - "Later in the summer I sit by the sea/I'm looking at your picture and it's looking back at me" is just enough to keep you satisfied, but still have you craving more. "Love Will Get You There" was performed on Late Night With Seth Myers and features soothing vocals, upbeat melodies and easily relatable lyrics. "So Far So Good" presents itself a stadium-worthy track, highlighting a hard-hitting chorus and infectious harmonies.

Getting lost in summer memories and adult feelings, "These Are The Days" entices ambitious ventures, motivating chorus lyrics, and encourages growth. As the bridge captures the essence of embracing youth, your heart will live forever in the chorus of this song. "If You're Gonna Break My Heart" descends the vibe as it slows things down by providing sentimental melodies and compelling vocals. Traveling into "When I Have Her On My Mind", we're met with the feelings of embracing amorous lyrics along with soft guitar riffs, repetitive keyboard sounds and good vibes all around. "Valentine" gradually softens the album up with slow melodies, seductive vocals and stargazing harmonies.

Closing out Cuts & Bruises is a showstopping yet unique track that complies with ending the album perfectly. As the album is a reflection of who Inhaler is, their struggles, teenage angst lyrics, romanticized lyrics, and embracing youth and growth, Cuts & Bruises serves as one of the most timeless indie albums of the decade.

Listen to Inhaler's music, check out tour dates, purchase Cuts & Bruises, + keep up with them below!

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