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ALBUM REVIEW: The Warning Soar To New Heights With 'ERROR'


MAYDAY! MAYDAY! It's finally here!

Sister rock trio from Monterrey, Mexico has been capturing the hearts of fans new and old since they signed to Lava/Republic Records in 2020 by producing hit after hit. The Warning has taken the world by storm recently and strives to let people know they’re not leaving anytime soon. From getting to support Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless on tour to playing Welcome To Rockville, 2022 is just getting started for a band called The Warning…

Breaking out into the world as the little rock rebels they were always meant to be, the girls posted a cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” on YouTube in 2014 shocking the world. The video went viral and currently has nearly 24 million views. That video led to other viral videos from the band such as covers of Foo Fighters’ “The Pretender” and AC/DC’s “Back In Black.” Before signing with Republic, The Warning released their own music independently including albums such as XXI Century Blood (2016) and Queen Of The Murder Scene (2018). When the girls officially signed with the label, the girls started debuting singles that would take over the world. The Warning have been teasing their new album ERROR since 2021 with their EP, MAYDAY, that’s home to a collection of tracks filled with anger, frustration, love and more.

“ERROR is an album about how we perceive the world as a generation and how we experience things in this new age - love, technology, social life, media, politics; losing our sense of humanity and everything in between.”

ERROR begins with the mysterious track “Intro 404”, which was released on YouTube on June 2, making the video the official album announcement along with the full tracklist. Following is previously released fan-favorite “Disciple,” filled with heavy guitar riffs and compelling vocals. The track is a call to world leaders and urging people to “kill the system”. Leading into the ultimate fan favorite, “CHOKE” unleashes emotion-filled lyrics and a memorable chorus that can easily get stuck in your head. With this track sitting at nearly 3 million streams on Spotify, it’s deemed the breakout single for The Warning. With the music video for “CHOKE” also sitting at nearly 3 million views, the band created the perfect visual for the track.

Traveling further into the money, recently released “MONEY” presents us with an attitude and fans were overjoyed with the band’s way to have a grasp on society’s infatuation with cold hard cash. The band states on the song, “When we allow power and profit to take control of our lives, our natural human tendencies, like feeling empathy and compassion for one another, become lost and forgotten.” Never-before-heard track number six “Amour” presents itself as one powerful love track, consisting of melodic harmonies and romantic lyrics. Towards the end of the track, there are lyrics in French, never sung by the band before, and features an intense ending.

The title track features a mysterious intro before power-house vocalist/guitarist Daniela Villarreal chimes in and graces us with emotionally raw lyrics. Featuring a chorus with fascinating lyrics such as, “I’m the error inside”. All fans of The Warning that have been around for a while know that their first two albums released independently were somewhat concept albums and combining “Amour” with “ERROR,” it’s very possible this is another astonishing concept album. The previously released track “Z” tells the story of Generation Z and features rebellious vibes all about youth, vice, virtues and the age we currently live in. With an energetic chorus consisting of dominating lyrics such as “Watch out better wash your hands/Watch out better understand/Watch out ‘cause the truth they sell is rarely true/Watch out ‘cause it’s coming back for you,” you’ll feel empowered.

“23” finally features the breathtaking vocals of drummer Paulina Villarreal and gradually slows things down with her calming ballad. Of course mid-track the song is picked up by a catchy guitar riff along with heavy bass lines from bassist Alejandra Villarreal. When Paulina expresses her emotions through chorus lyrics of “Is it wrong? It kills me when you’re gone,” you’re graced with feelings of loss and confusion, but still in love with this album. Track number twelve “Revenant” continues with romantic lyrics in a letter form. The lyrics “You can’t erase what has been done/You can forgive you can move on/But we cannot escape the tide/Of our cruel mistress keeping time” will leave you questioning what will come next. “MARTIRIO” takes you through a journey of human suffering and pain and recognizes through accepting the pain, we only grow stronger. The band states on the track, “We are so proud to have a Spanish song on our new album.”Closing out ERROR is track fourteen “BREATHE,” the perfect ending to a perfect album. Once again Paulina presents us with her compelling vocals and soothing piano riffs.

With each track presenting itself filled with power and emotion, The Warning clearly have a lot to say and have provided us with the most ethereal album. Consisting of powerhouse ballads, attitude-filled bangers and female-dominated tracks, this is the album of the summer. When we look back on Summer 2022, we’ll remember The Warning captivated us with an album that’s made for this generation. The new generation of female-dominating hard rock bands is here… And her name is The Warning. You have been warned.

Stream ERROR, check out tour dates, merch and more below!


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Erick Fabila
Erick Fabila
Sep 11, 2022

I had the chance to see them in Houston and they played great. Though it was a 40 min show, they ignited the whole place. Then a month later i saw them in Mexico City . Full 2 hour setlist. One of the best shows ever. lots of vids in youtube of that show. well written. keep posting the good stuff.


George Reid
George Reid
Jun 24, 2022

Strongly agree, very well written. These girls are the future of Rock.

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