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The Warning Rocks Harder With "MAYDAY"

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Sister-trio rock band The Warning from Monterrey, Mexico debuted their brand new EP "MAYDAY", which is only a preview of the band's third full-length, due out in Spring 2022.

Since the three young women (Daniela, 21, vocals; Paulina, 19, drums; Alejandra 16, bass) first broke out into the world by having a cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" video on YouTube go viral in 2014, The Warning have debuted albums such as XXI Century Blood and Queen Of The Murder Scene, recorded their own version of Enter Sandman with pop-singer Alessia Cara, and are even scheduled to play big festivals such as Welcome To Rockville in Atlanta in November.

"MAYDAY" kicks off with "Disciple", a call to world leaders and urging people to "kill the system". This song is of course unique in its own way, but for me it does tie a little bit back to the title track of XXI Century Blood. With heavy guitar riffs that automatically get stuck in your head and lyrics that are too true to your heart, it's the perfect way to begin the six-track EP. "Choke", which was the first single released, presents powerful vocals from Daniela and lyrics that are filled with emotion.

"Animosity" features punk-tinged sounds as well as debuting the lyrics "mayday, mayday, the ship is going down!" The track is a message about feelings masked. "Z" is all about Generation Z. It's a rebellious song about youth, vices, virtues and the age in which we currently live. The powerful lyrics are to let you know what The Warning is all about - "Watch out better wash your hands/watch out better understand/watch out 'cause the truth they sell is rarely true/watch out 'cause it's coming back for you".

"Evolve" which is the second single, presents the ongoing obsession with evolving and examines its dehumanizing impact. "Martirio" takes you through a journey of human pain and suffering and recognizes that through accepting the pain, we only grow stronger.

"We are so proud to have a Spanish song on our new EP."

Listen to "MAYDAY" here and keep up with The Warning on Instagram and Twitter!

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