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Album Review - Zach Person's Self-Titled Debut

Hello to Zach Person only. And his drummer. And his team. And everyone surrounding him and I because his name will be everywhere in a matter of time.

Twenty-four-year-old artist on the rise, Zach Person, IS in fact the future of American-Indie Rock. Straight out of Houston, Texas, Zach Person is a member of the House Of Blues Music Forward Foundation, and has shared the stage with Blues legends such as Buddy Guy who has stated, "What else can I say, this young man is hot!" Person moved to Austin, Texas in 2017, being quickly discovered by industry veteran, Christopher Durst, music entrepreneur and rock photographer, and immediately started working on his debut EP with producer Will Loconto. Black Denim Records, Person's label, has made him their flagship artist and has even offered him an equity position, making him one of the first unreleased Indie artists to have received ownership in a label for signing.

Can't Stop Running, which is also the first track of his self-titled debut, climbed college radio charts to the Top 30. Hometown radio station KUTX featured the track and a performance video for Song Of The Day on March 4. Can't Stop Running offers what sounds like is a typical day in the life of an artist, a journalist (me), or just someone trying to make it in general. This track is the perfect way to introduce you to not only this album but also Person's music. If the guitar riffs at the beginning are enough to pull you in, his voice definitely will. It's the perfect beat to drive around to, listen to on your morning walk, getting ready for the day, or just chillin'. This song makes me feel like I'm at his concert and I already can't wait for the day that happens. My personal favorite lyrics in this song have to be - "Money don't grow on trees/And a pretty face won't keep me eating (Haha)".

Moving on to track number two which is Send Me Away. It sets the tone and calms things down from the last one, but in the best way possible. It's such a low-fi-sounding piece that you almost feel like it's an out-of-body experience, that's how captivating it is. I can't get over the tone of it, it's so raw and easy-to-listen-to. It really takes you to another place. And if you weren't already pulled into it, the guitar solo is to die for. The riffs have never been done or heard before and I can just visualize this song being performed live and the energy being very high during it.

Wanna Fly is the perfect summer festival song, it gives off such good vibes with Zach's smooth blues vocals and the music backing. This song makes you feel like summer. It reminds you that better days are ahead. All Shook Up was my personal introduction to Zach Person and I, of course, was completely pulled in. Throwing in his own style and uniqueness, along with a blues twist. The main guitar riff makes you feel like he's right in front of you as you listen. The drumbeat is absolutely perfect. Having his own version of Elvis Presley's 1957 hit, Zach shows his true colors with this one. Giving off a total 60s/70s vibe with Long Enough, at this point have him reaching out his hand to you pulling you in.

All in all, Zach Person's debut album is everything I've always wanted and needed. This entire album is truly a work of art and I can't wait to see what else is in store for him. The future of rock and blues is here. And its name is Zach Person. You can listen to the album here and be sure to follow Zach on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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