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New Music Monday: 05/03/2021

Another Last Time - Dirty Honey: If you read our recent review of Dirty Honey's debut album, then you already know how we feel this song. Another Last Time is one of those songs you hear at the bar for closing time, it's the perfect way to end a show, a perfect way to end their album. Dirty Honey really took us over and got us in our feelings with this one.

Angel Breath - Creeping Jean: Good ol' Rock N Roll is what rockers Creeping Jean are all about and they've made that very clear with their song, Angel Breath. The beginning guitar riff drew me in and by the time I heard the vocals, I was hooked. I have absolutely no idea how the music video relates to the song, but I loved it and it was extremely entertaining to go along with it.

Hate - Plush: An all-women rock band that we can already tell is amazing. With hearing the only track that Plush has released so far, we see and hear the strong bond of this band, the amazing vocals, the lyrics are deep and so relatable and relevant. We have been looking for an all-women hard rock band and this is who we found... And we couldn't be happier about it.

Can't Stop Running - Zach Person: Can't Stop Running from self-titled EP and album, is the perfect intro to not only both, but also to Zach Person. American Songwriter stated Zach "reimagines a classic American sound" with this track. It's clear that even with this one track, Zach Person is setting the tone for the future of American Indie Rock.

I Think Not - Ergo, Bria: Ergo, Bria (aka Bria McCollum) is a hard rocker from Atlanta (now living in Nashville) where she offers intense emotions to audiences, being influenced by everything from hard rock and punk, to alternative and indie songs. I Think Not is a different kind of rock song, in the absolute best way you can imagine. We all get tired of hearing the same thing, hearing the same type of music, everything sounds the same, everyone sounds the same... But not when it comes to Ergo, Bria. This track offers a low-fi vibe and picks up during the chorus with such emotion, a rockin' beat that gets your head banging and you have to listen to it over and over again just to comprehend everything she does in it.

The Talk - South Of Eden: Straight out of Colombus, Ohio (also signed to Lava Records), want to remind everyone what Rock N Roll is all about. As stated, "No click tracks and triggers or copy and paste bullshit. Just a bunch of hippies in a room." The Talk is a great first track to listen to by the band, sounding like exactly what they're striving to be - pure rock n roll. The high vocals are there, the kick-ass guitar riffs, great guitar solo and ending in the best way possible.

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