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Greta Van Fleet: Heat Above LIVE

Greta Van Fleet just released a live version of Heat Above… And we’re OBSESSED with it. We’ve already been playing this song on repeat on so many of our playlists lately, but this this band proves again and again that they are indeed, a live band. Every song they have ever performed live, whether I’ve heard it in person or in a video, has been slightly better than their studio performances. But that’s how you know they are the real deal. They are true artists. They are the perfect live band. Anyone can go into a studio, lay some tracks done, put an album out and that’s it. But this band goes way beyond that, always.

The performance starts out just as the recorded single does (which just dropped February 10th) with Sam on the keys going even more in depth with getting lost in the sound as he did on the recorded version. You can perfectly hear Danny lightly tapping on the drums throughout the beginning slowly and surely getting louder as the song progresses, and even hear a few guitar chords from the killer guitarist Jake. And when the main melody of the song finally drops, you feel as if you are being taken on a journey with the band. Being that it is the first track on The Battle At Garden's Gate (April 16) it's definitely an invitation to be taken into a new world. Or should I say a Brave New World

When Josh starts singing those words we have already memorized in not even a month of listening to, it is extremely clear that his vocals are on point. The pureness and sweetness of his voice is just so soothing, it’s like he doesn’t even have to try to be spot on with the lyrics. As everyone is of course in sync together as always, Sam and Jake are the ones to be seen perfectly in sync, knowing that they are playing the same main riff, just on different instruments.

This song and performance are both so full of energy. The entire band still rocking out to what is to be known as a “softer song”, I believe that Greta Van Fleet is officially doing what they want with their videos, songs and the new album.


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