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INTERVIEW: Carmela Carr + The Generation Clash

Carmela Carr was inspired to launch her own music publication The Generation Clash in 2019 to begin showcasing her favorite artists to a whole new world. We spoke with Carmela on what keeps her motivated, what have been some challenges, her book and more!

Song & Fury: Hi Carmela! How are you?

Carmela Carr: Hi! I’m doing good. I’m on winter break from college. I’m working on getting GenClash’s Winter/Spring schedule ready.

S&F: Thank you for interviewing with us, we’ve been watching your journey for a couple of years now and it’s been exciting to watch you and your blog grow. Can you explain where the inspiration came from for creating ‘The Generation Clash?’

CC: Thank you for the opportunity! The inspiration for Generation Clash came from me thinking about all the bands I’ve discovered and how they are the artists I never see media outlets writing about. Those artists are Nantucket and City Boy. They were the two bands that inspired me to start Generation Clash so I could write about the bands I think more people should be listening to.

S&F: Your blog is so unique and it’s introduced us to a ton of new artists we wouldn’t have even known without you. How do you decide which artists to feature?

CC: If I love it, I feature it. New or old. I discover a lot of artists on Spotify, record shopping, and Discogs!

S&F: How do you stay motivated to keep creating content?

CC: I stay motivated because there is an endless list of artists to discover. No one covers old and new like I do. I’m able to write about both because I know about a lot of artists from my dad’s collection, going record shopping, Spotify, Discogs, and eBay. Journalism is necessary because music isn’t being promoted. People should write about the artists they love. By sharing it, you help others to discover these artists.

S&F: What’s been a challenge for you over the years with running the blog?

CC: My challenge is balancing running GenClash and my college schedule. I have deadlines, so I try to do both and I’m exhausted at the end of the day. I use agenda books to stay organized so I can put time into school and put time into GenClash.

S&F: What obstacles do you feel like you’ve overcome?

CC: I used to write posts the day I had to post something. I don’t do that anymore because it takes too much time. I pre-write posts and schedule them so if I’m going out I don’t have to worry about writing before I leave.

S&F: What’s the most rewarding thing about running your publication?

CC: The most rewarding thing about running GenClash is helping others to discover music and how many amazing people I’ve met along the way.

S&F: Where did the name come from?

CC: Generation Clash was something I wrote on a piece of paper. I was thinking about titles for my media outlet and I chose Generation Clash because I thought it was a good explanation of what I do. My posts are a clash of generations because it spans from the 1950s to 2020s. Different artists from different time periods. Old, new, old, new. Not just one. Both.

S&F: You also published a book - “Journey To The Generation Clash”. What inspired you to write that?

CC: I was approached to write a book and I wasn’t sure what to write about. I thought that my journey was something to document to show people of all ages to be open-minded in every aspect of their life.

S&F: Who are your favorite artists?

CC: Queen, Starz, Angel, L.A. Trash, Judas Priest, The Hives, City Boy, Teaze, Strapps, Riot, Chilliwack, Nantucket, Axe, Sunny Danger, Ready the Prince, Foo Fighters, Star Star, Beck, The Godz, Mother May I, Spread Eagle, Enuff Z’Nuff, Circus Of Power, L.A. Guns, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fandango, Profit Drama, Scream Idol, Kiss, Tank, Frankie Miller, The Boyzz, Prism, Iron Maiden, deepsix, Riot Course, Fury in Few, hometown & young, Vanderwoolf, and many more!

S&F: What advice do you have for someone who’s striving to start a music publication, but isn’t sure how to?

CC: Get an agenda book. Create a posting schedule. Update your playlists the day before you share updates so people who want to listen to it don’t have to wait all week if you’re busy.

S&F: Is there anything else you’d like to share with your followers and our readers?

CC: GenClash returns on January 23rd!

S&F: Thank you so much again for interviewing with us. We’re excited to watch your publication grow and wish you all the best!

CC: Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed!

Keep up with Carmela, all her projects + The Generation Clash below!




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