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Joyous Wolf - New Band Alert

To begin, we discovered this new band, Joyous Wolf, while watching Evie Wagner, of Banded, interview lead vocalist Nick Reese. Next thing we knew, he was following us on Instagram, we returned the favor, followed the band, etc… And here we are! Reviewing their top five songs:

“Mississippi Queen” Cover: This kick-ass cover by Joyous Wolf took us by complete storm. Nick’s vocals slapped us in the face. As someone who’s been listening to this song since before they were born, I’ve never heard anyone else do this song, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with it. I mean, everything is there and spot on. That familiar guitar riff you know so well. The cowbell. And the vocals are extremely song. It made me want to bash my head into my wall, in the best way possible. Although this cover is from 2018, I think it’s just as strong as the band’s most recent music.

“Quiet Heart”: When I first listened to this song, literally five minutes ago, I thought it was a good introduction to their music. It sounded familiar to me, though not too familiar. So, what I’m thinking is I heard it in another life. Or I’ve just heard it… Around. Now I kinda feel like I say this about every new-to-me rock song I hear, but this one seriously sounds like one I would jam to everyday in summer. Sunshine. Windows rolled down. At the beach. It just sounds like the perfect summer time jam to me.

“Place In Time”: Somewhat of a familiar guitar riff at the beginning, when the lyrics read, “I’m gonna write just what my story’s about”, quite possibly the most relatable lyrics for me. (I’m destined to write an autobiography) Also hearing “live how you want to live” is a huge message not only to the world in general, but I feel is a huge message to the younger generation as well. Also, that guitar solo is pretty kickin’ and we love to hear it.

“Odyssey”: Not sure if it’s the lyrics “makes me want to ride” and “makes me want to drive” that make me feel like I could hear this song driving down the road in the middle of nowhere absolutely blasting the song, but I can visualize it!

“Mother Rebel”: We obviously saved the best for last. “Mother Rebel” is one of those songs you can rock out to with a beer in your hand. I’m noticing a pattern of most of these bands song tell a story. Going back to Place In Time’s lyrics, “I’m gonna write just what my story’s about”, to now in Mother Rebel we have; “Stone free Maybelline writes it her way”. Could there be a story going on between those two songs, or is it just coincidence? My favorite part of this song, besides the chorus of repeating “Mother Rebel” several times has to be the repetitive guitar riff during the chorus with that slick slide goin’ up and down.

To conclude from listening to just these five songs, these four guys from Southern California are on their way to the top and will be around for quite a long time.

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