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Updated: Sep 1, 2022


We’re nearly there… Sister rock trio The Warning has braced fans for a new era when their debut album 'ERROR' with Lava/Republic Records drops on June 24… But until then to tie us all over, we thought we’d share our top songs from the band before the album release.

#10 XXI Century Blood (XXI Century Blood) - The title track from The Warning’s original debut album they released independently, defines a whole generation and lets people know just who this band is. It challenges everyday people to fight the power and speak up for what others won’t. With its compelling chorus and blaring guitar riffs, this is the perfect song to be inspired by.

#9 Dust To Dust (Queen Of The Murder Scene) - The opening track from The Warning's original sophomore album Queen Of The Murder Scene contains powerful vocals from drummer Paulina Villarreal along with a mysterious beat, it invites you into a concept album to get lost in.

#8 MONEY (ERROR) - The latest single from The Warning overjoyed fans with their grasp on society regarding the concept of cold hard cash and the rebellious approach towards the rich man. The band states on the track, "When we allow power and profit to take control of our lives, our natural human tendencies, like feeling empathy and compassion for one another, become lost and forgotten."

#7 Black Holes (Don't Hold On) (XXI Century Blood) - Destined to shine some light on what we consider to be some of the more underrated songs such as this, if you've been a fan of The Warning, you know they always take a step back and produce a slower track like this one. "Black Holes" graces us in the middle of XXI Century Blood with its swaying melodies and melodious vocals.

#6 EVOLVE (ERROR) - The Second single from the 2021 MAYDAY EP, "EVOLVE" presents the ongoing obsession with evolving and examines its dehumanizing impact.

#5 Narcisista (Single) - The Warning's first released single in Spanish (before "MARTIRIO" was released), Paulina's vocals dominate this song and is definitely one of their most energetic songs.

#4 Stalker (Queen Of The Murder Scene) - When love and murder go together... With a chorus that is extremely catchy and Daniela Villarreal's vocals soaring through the track, it's one that ties into this album.

#3 The Sacrifice (Queen Of The Murder Scene) - The guitar-driven track with a compelling chorus leading into a swaying bridge. The build-up to the chorus during this track is incredibly energetic. The band tells a story throughout this entire album and if you listen closely, you can figure it out.

#2 Dull Knives (Cut Better) (Queen Of The Murder Scene) - "Dull Knives" quickly grasps you with Daniela's astonishing vocals as well as Paulina's drumming style. Featuring heavy basslines from Alejandra Villarreal as well, this track is one of the essentials from the band.

#1 CHOKE (ERROR) - The ultimate fan favorite, "CHOKE" unleashes emotionally filled lyrics and a memorable chorus that can easily get stuck in your head. Sitting at nearly 3 million streams on Spotify and nearly 3 million views on YouTube, this song is the greatest track from The Warning.


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