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LISTEN: Charlotte Sands Drops New Single "SIX FEET UNDER"

Pop-rock artist Charlotte Sands returns with the new genre-blending track "Six Feet Under." The new song follows Charlotte's previously released single "Alright", which kicked off 2023 with a bang - exploring feelings of emptiness, grief and self-doubt. "Six Feet Under" (written by Charlotte, Megan Redmond and producer/drummer Danen Reed Rector) features blurring the lines between pop and punk, showcasing melodramatic lyrics, fuzzy guitar riffs and alluring vocals.

“‘Six Feet Under’ is a song about having the impulse to sabotage your own life whenever it feels comfortable and the addictiveness of having highs and lows instead of balance and stability. It’s for anyone that finds themself having self-destructive tendencies and constantly struggles with embracing solidity. I hope you love this song and I hope it brings you some kind of peace knowing you are not the only person who feels more at ease when surrounded by chaos.”

The genre-blurring sound that Charlotte Sands captures is a simple representation of her varied passions: there are times when she might be drawn to the empowerment conveyed by Katy Perry or P!nk, but also others where the melodic rush of Paramore or the cathartic intensity of Bring Me The Horizon speaks to her. It’s a mix that gives her music the freedom to cover a vast range of the sonic spectrum, as well as an eclectic array of collaborators or touring partners who have included My Chemical Romance, YUNGBLUD, Charlie Puth, Taking Back Sunday, Ava Max and Sleeping With Sirens.

Listen to Charlotte Sands' music, check out merch + keep up with her below!


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