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REWIND: Charlotte Sands' 'LOVE AND OTHER LIES' One Year Anniversary

Charlotte Sands was raised on 2000s pop punk and is rooted in the lyricism of folk singer/songwriters. The Massachusetts-born artist effortlessly connects with listeners through messaging that tells a story with positive and bright sounds that make it nearly impossible not to move. With a live show that is described as "electric", Sands quickly establishes a bond with fans through energetic and uplifting human experience. Her 2020 single "Dress" has amassed over 22 million streams since its release and also broke the Top 50 on Pop Radio and Top 100 on iTunes Pop Chart. Charlotte has been featured on tracks with notable artists such as - The Maine, Sleeping With Sirens, MOD SUN, Taking Back Sunday, Spencer Chamberlain, Aaron Gillespie and John Harvie.

Charlotte's first half of 2022 graced her with opening for YungBlud, playing countless festivals, releasing tons of singles with featured artists, and dropping her own tracks - "Rollercoaster" and "Tantrum". Her first headling tour - Love And Other Lies - kicked off September 2022 and ended November 8 at The Basement East in Nashville. View our photo gallery here.

Originally released on January 21, 2022 Charlotte Sands' second EP Love And Other Lies is a collection of tracks filled with love, romanticized lyrics, anger, fear, heartbreak and jealousy. Featured singles on the EP include "Keep Me Up All Night", "Dress", "Every Guy Ever" and more. The EP kicks off with hyper-romanticized track "Want You Like That", which features emotional lyrics, energetic vibes and illuminating vocals. The song serves its purpose as an adventurous anthem with instantly relatable lyrics.

Heading into previously released single "Bad Day", Charlotte grasps you in with her powerhouse vocals and upbeat tempos. The music video for the track features Charlotte projecting the bad girl attitude of rebelling while expressing her anger. Traveling into the all-too-relatable song "All My Friends Are Falling In Love", she expresses engaging lyrics - "All my friends are falling in love/And I can't even make out with him without wanting your touch." The perfect visual representation for the song can be seen in a Tik Tok posted by Charlotte where her drummer Danen Reed Rector says "we're the friends we're in love" and gestures to his wife aka Charlotte's manager Hannah Rector.

Next is 2020 single that rose to fame through Tik Tok as it's about Harry Styles' outfit choices and embraces non-conforming gender roles, "Dress." In 2020, there was tons of controversy surrounding Harry Styles wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue and Charlotte decided to write a song about it (TOTAL fan girl move!!). She states on the track, "It's about saying f you to gender norms and wearing whatever makes you feel happy." As a result, the video encompassed over 400k views and Charlotte released the track in late 2020.

"Keep Me Up All Night" expresses compelling lyrics throughout the emotional-filled track and embraces heartbreak through swaying vocals. The title track - "Love And Other Lies" - continues the emotional essence and captures true feelings of love, past relationships, childhood and more. As she tones it down in this song, Charlotte showcases her softer side which makes it an emotional and raw track. With its soft vocals matching slow acoustics, "Love And Other Lies" is healing.

Charlotte sends it home with one more motivational track to close it out - "Every Guy Ever" - that screams teenage/young people anthem as its lyrics embrace what we go through with men and past relationships. Featuring upbeat tempos, screeching guitar riffs and thundering drums, "Every Guy Ever" is the chant that screams exactly what we've all felt throughout our lives. The instantly relatable chorus - "This is a song for every guy ever/You say you don't want him, he wants you forever/Oh my god it's tragic/This shit always happens" - matches the ending lyrics perfectly - "Make you forget that you cried on your birthday/'Cause boys will be boys in the worst ways/Yeah, boys will be boys in the worst way."

Check out more of Charlotte Sands music + keep up with her below!


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