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LISTEN: Honey Revenge Share Explosive Single "RECIPE FOR DISASTER"

Updated: 3 days ago

Honey Revenge posing for single artwork
Photo by Austin Dickerson

Pop rock duo Honey Revenge have shared their new explosive single "Recipe For Disaster" - out now via Thriller Records. The track is the band's first single since their debut album Retrovision and will be featured on the extended version due out August 2024. Retrovision released 2023 and features fan-favorites such as "Airhead," "Rerun," and "Distracted."

"Recipe For Disaster" slams in with electrifying pop-melodies underlined with an alternative edge. Honey Revenge wraps relatable lyrical themes of battling with internal discussions in a contrasting groovy beat. This new track radiates anthematic hooks, making it sure to be a repeat song for the summer.

""Recipe For Disaster" is for the over-thinkers. Life is full of so many “what ifs” and it’s easy to let those questions take over and keep you from enjoying important moments. The lyrics are a journey of spiraling out over those aimless thoughts that keep you up at night, but realizing that doing so is a recipe for disaster in the end. The lyrics express my curiosity for where I’ll be a year from now, wondering if I’ll become more level headed. There’s an internal discussion regarding my struggles with change and pondering what “could’ve been” if certain scenarios played out differently. As the song progresses, I come to the realization that the only thing being so serious about every little detail will do, is distract me from the present and take away from big accomplishments." - Devin Papadol, Honey Revenge

Honey Revenge made waves in 2023, playing tours with bands such as Arrows In Action, Broadside and label mates, The Home Team. The band went out on their first U.S headliner and made waves overseas by supporting The Used on their U.K run. This duo has no intention of slowing down as they embark on their sold-out E.U/U.K, Eurobeean Tour and venture back to the U.S to play the Summer School tour alongside Letdown., Magnolia Park, Stand Atlantic, Scene Queen and The Home Team. The band is currently nominated for two Heavy Music Awards, Best International Breakthrough Band and Best Breakthrough Album (Retrovision) voting is now open up until June 21.

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