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Our favorite rock vampires LST IN HLYWD return with new single "HOWL AT THE MOON" - the first single off their sophomore EP coming this summer. With its fun/enegetic sound, paired with dark horror-inspired love song lyrics, this is the perfect soundtrack for every single alt teen falling in love with the new era of pop punk.

The Toronto quartet - Damian Rose, Lana, Catherine Carter and Chris King - make up this powerhouse bring rock to an entire new generation in their own unique style - "vamp rock." The band has taken Toronto and the world by storm via social media (namely Tik Tok and Instagram). Growing to over 70,000 followers in their first year of forming, their fan base spans the world from Canada to America, The UK, Europe, Australia, and South America. Their debut self-titled EP release LST IN HLYWD which was produced by Maximilian Haunt and Nick Lewert from The Haunt was released in October 2022 and has since received over 118,000 plays on Spotify alone.

LST IN HLYWD is currently in the studio working with Jeremy Valentyne and Brandon Wolfe of New Years Day on their sophomore EP. Valentyne found the band online through Instagram. Jeremy and Damian immediately clicked with their shared love for music and guitarists especially Randy Rhoads. The band is releasing their second EP (title TBA) this summer. They've been including easter egg hints to the title of the EP within their social media content. The themes encompassing this release include vampirism, immortality, love. There is also a song inspired by an Edgar Allen Poe story. With pop punk lyrics, anthemic choruses, and a darker sound, LST IN HLYWD is proving their maturity from their last EP and solidifying themselves as the godfathers and godmothers of Vamp Rock.

Damian wrote "HOWL AT THE MOON" after a weekend of binge-watching Tim Burton’s Wednesday on Netflix. Most of the lyrics are a direct reference to the show Wednesday, especially in the line: “Hear her screaming bloody murder yeah, there’s a good chance she’s just enjoying herself”. "HOWL AT THE MOON" is a love song directed towards every alt/goth girl.

“We’re getting sick of the same old love song, let’s see some love for all the black-haired girls instead of blonde all the time. Let people express themselves and show their inner beauty from breaking the status quo. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The girl described in the song is what I personally find beautiful. Catch me watching Wednesday or The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina over Riverdale any day." - Damian Rose

Stay tuned for more from LST IN HLYWD and be on the lookout for more info on their new EP coming this summer!

Listen to LST IN HLYWD's music, join the Fang Club + keep up with them below!



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