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LISTEN: Nessa Barrett's Emotionally Raw 'hell is a teenage girl'

Nessa Barrett posing for artwork
Nessa Barrett by Andrew Donoho

Pop sensation, Nessa Barrett has released her highly anticipated new EP, hell is a teenage girl today via Warner Records. The vulnerable and captivating 8-song EP was written to represent the “8 stages of a breakup”, making it the 20-year-old songstress’s most emotional release to date.

The EP boasts the ominous new song “the one that should’ve got away,” an eerie piano-driven tale filled with danger and regret. It also includes the heart-wrenching “plane to paris” and standout title track “hell is a teenage girl,” which takes aim at the way women are treated in the industry.

“You’re barely a woman and they call you a whore, say that you’re ruined when you pass 24,” she sings over a haunting piano. “I’m too sensitive when I start to cry, but I’m a cold-hearted outside bitch when I keep it inside.” It’s a staggeringly honest account of the brutal expectations that newcomers face. Other songs on the EP include latest single “lie,” “motel whore,” “heartbreak in the hamptons,” and previously-released fan-favorites “BANG BANG!” and “american jesus.”

The project picks up where Nessa left off in 2022, by demonstrating incredible songwriting prowess and versatility on a series of stunning singles like “die first,” “tired of california,” and “lovebomb” — all taken from her critically acclaimed debut album, young forever.

Along with the EP release, Nessa will be dropping a new merch line including a T-shirt that will unlock exclusive content and rewards with an embedded NFC chip. Hold your smartphone against the patch to check premiere content from Nessa with more to come including behind-the-scenes tour footage, exclusive interviews, and more.


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