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LISTEN: The Inside Out Releases New Single "Mr. Arrogant"

With a thrilling sound that never fails to turn heads, Connecticut-based alt/indie rock band The Inside Out continues its rise as a musical force to be reckoned with, today returning with its high energy new single “Mr. Arrogant,” available now on all streaming platforms.

An expansive arrangement anchored by a dynamic bass line and replete with vibrant electric guitars serves as a perfect backdrop for The Inside Out’s latest release, which speaks to the passage of time and the importance of living in the present.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the fast-moving pace of society and in the endless cycle of competition as we work to achieve our goals that we sometimes don’t realize the effect that we’re having on those around us, and even on ourselves. But with this single, the band provides us with a much-needed wake-up call, reminding us that our time on Earth is far from infinite and that instead of getting stuck on the hamster wheel, we must remain grounded. Otherwise, when we look back on our lives, we might find ourselves lost to the vacuum of time, struggling to remember anything at all.

“Time is fleeting, with moments you don’t get back, other than them being lost in your memory. We as human beings are bound to a finite nature and more often than not are both the solution and the problem. We are so worried about getting to that next chapter in our lives—that next promotion, that next thing we can afford to buy—that we tend to become reckless in how we get there. Time is also constant in its past, present, and future state, and sometimes all we have is memory, but unfortunately that is also in constant motion, fading away.” - The Inside Out

“Mr. Arrogant” follows the success of The Inside Out’s 2022 album No Brains, No Blood. which was hailed as “a work that the band’s established audiences and indie rock fans alike will agree continues to give full credence to the independent music community...” (Mayhem Rockstar Magazine). Fans can look forward to an official music video for “Mr. Arrogant” in the coming weeks.


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