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LISTEN: YUNGBLUD Debuts Poweful + Deeply Personal Single "HATED"

TW: This song contains mentions of sexual abuse

YUNGBLUD posing for single artwork
Photo by Tom Pallant

Yungblud continues a new era with latest single "Hated." Listen HERE.

"Hated" is undoubtedly Yungblud’s most lyrically poignant and personal offering to date. The lyrics themselves serve as the most apt and raw presentation of the track’s meaning.

Yungblud also shares the striking and powerful music video that channels the poignant lyrical content. Watch the video below.

If this song has brought up difficult emotions for you or has triggered memories, the American Society for the Positive Care of Children is available as a resource, providing a safe space to find support. American Society for the Positive Care of Children (American SPCC) is a lifeline for anyone seeking guidance, healing, and empowerment, and are dedicated to breaking the cycle of abuse and fostering a world where every child can thrive, free from harm. For immediate assistance go to

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